Pokemon Go: Bronzor Weakness, Counters, Shiny and more

Hello Gamers! We are back with another article which is totally dedicated to one of Pokemon from Pokemon Go named Bronzor.

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Bronzor Weakness
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Pokemon Go: Bronzor

Bronzor is one of the Pokémon with two types of skills that is Steel and Psychic.

It was first seen in Generation IV and as it levels up, it can evolve into a stronger Pokémon called Bronzong once it reaches level 33.

According to the image of Bronzor, he looks like a simple, round, and flat object. It has bright yellow eyes and dark green circles around its body.

Even though it’s called the ‘Bronze Pokémon,’ it’s actually blue instead of the typical brown color of real bronze.

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These are some basic things about Bronzor now let us dive into more crucial questions regarding Bronzor Weaknesses, Counters and more.

So, without further ado let’s begin!

Bronzor Weakness in Pokemon Go

To build an effective strategy to defeat Bronzor, it is very important to know its weaknesses.

As we already discussed that Bronzor has two types of skills, Steel and Psychic. It is weak against certain types, such as Fire, Ground, Ghost, and Dark.

So, by using it for your advantage, you can choose a Pokémon that have these types of moves, you can defeat Bronzor more easily.

Now, it’s finally to unveil our strategy to defeat Bronzor.

What are effective strategies for countering Bronzor in Pokemon Go?

There are a few Pokemon that can be good against Bronzor in the fight for sure. These Pokemon have moves that are strong against Bronzor because they are Fire-type, Ground-type, Ghost-type, or Dark-type Pokemon.

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Some of the most relevant examples of these Pokemon that you might want to try in the game against the Bronzor are as follows:

  • Deino
  • Murkrow
  • Poochyene
  • Purrloin
  • Diglett (Alolan)
  • Meowth (Alolan)

These are some suggestions you can try while fighting against the Bronzo.

Best Bronzo Moveset

Bronzor has two different types of move sets that it can use against opponents.

They include:

Quick moves: Tackle and Confusion Main moves: Psy Shock, Gyro Ball, Heavy Slam.

The Confusion (Quick) and Heavy Slam (Main) are two of the best Bronzor moves when taking on Pokemon creatures in Gyms.

This combination offers a very solid amount of DPS (Damage Per Second).

Can Bronzor Be Shiny in Pokemon Go

Yes, Shiny Bronzor is available in Pokemon Go, However getting in the game can be hard because the spawn rate of this Pokemon is 1 in 500. Means is a rare Pokemon to get in Pokemon Go. However, you can during the Pokemon Go events.

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