How To Get Coins in Pokemon Go (Free) 2024

Searching for how to get coins in Pokemon Go for free without having a hassle. Then you’ve visited on the correct web article. Here we have described various ways to get Pokecoins in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is a smartphone game that was launched in 2016 by Niantic. The game is easy to play, the trainers have to catch the pokemon, win the raids, train the pokemon, evolve them using the mega energy, defeat the enemy in raids, and Gym with pokemons. The coins are easy to get once you start spending your time in the game effectively.

Otherwise what will happen is that you will play games for long hours and still don’t have enough coins to perform the activity. To never run out of coins and the coins increase in the game we mentioned some tips, which will surely help you to get more coins than usual.

how to get coins in pokemon go

To win the coins you visit the gym every day which is quite normal in the game to maintain the coins. The gyms are not only a place for holding battles, but it’s also a place to make coins while battling. As the trainers reach tier five the trainers will receive free coins, have access to world matches and also give trainers raid passes.

To get pokecoins in the game there are two ways to get this. One without any effort and one with effort. The effortless way required some money per pokecoins which is not pocket-friendly.

This is the easiest way to get pokecoins in Pokemon Go as you use the payment mode and receive the pokecoins as ordered. For 100 pokecoins $0.99 is required. You can purchase the pokecoins as you require you to have to purchase the pokecoins in sets.

Purchase The Pokecoins in Pokemon Go

To get coins, all gamers can not afford to spend money. We also have an option for that, you have to download google opinion rewards. As you download the app you have to take part in the survey and after completion of the survey close the app.

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After some time the app will again ask you to take part in the survey. As the survey is completed you will receive the rewards. The received points can be used to redeem coins as the pokecoins.

This method is easy to use than spending money on the coins, this method is not part of the game and takes some time to get points, as you take part in the survey then after sometimes you will receive the coins in your wallet

Obtain Free Pokecoins From Pokemon GYM

As the gym is an official place for battles. The trainers can team up with other teams and can challenge other trainers. The gym pokemon match has a limit of six pokemon in a game. One gym can receive one pokemon of yours, so as per the pokemon number and gym availability you will make the coins.

The gym has room for only six pokemon, add quickly pokemon in the gym before it gets full. If the gym is your color then you can add the pokemon in the gym and receive the coins. To add the pokemon there will be a plus icon in the bottom right corner.

how to get pokecoins

If the gym is not your color then prepare yourself for the battle in the gym. While you are not alone in the game, there will be your friends or team members with you.

In the gym, the pokemon will receive six coins for an hour so the pokemon can earn coins each day. The coins will reflect in your profile when you will defeat the game and you return home.

Now you are thinking I will add six pokemon in the gym every day and will receive the 300 coins, no that’s not gonna happen here. The Trainers will only receive 50 gamers per day and others are not counted.

This method is free of cost, it didn’t require money to purchase the gym. As you get in the gym and the pokemon practice the match in the gym. You will receive the coins. per hour you will receive a max of 50 coins per day.

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This is not a big amount but it will be kind of free to get pokecoins. To make more there is also an option you can place pokemon in 20 gyms at once. But there is still one cache at one gym where one pokemon is allowed so to place the 20 pokemon you need 20 different gyms.

As most people don’t have money to purchase the coins from shops, so to get coins free of cost with some extra work and those coins are also used to purchase different items from the shops.

Above mentioned tips is the way to get the coins.

You can directly purchase the pokecoins, with the help of surveys and with gym options.

What you can get from Pokecoins in Pokemon Go?

Now, one of the most common questions that every player has in their mind is what can you purchase from the pokecoins?

With the pokecoins no matter how you got the pokecoins, you will get the things as priced.

how to get pokecoins

One is a surprise box, you can purchase the surprise box and as your luck, you will receive the prices from the box.

Raid Passes:

To raid with the other enemy you will need coins to attack them. The remote-id required 100 coins from the one rais. Three for 250 pokecoins. 100 pokecoins from one premium battle.


With 100 pokecoins you will receive one egg incubator and with 200 pokecoins one super incubator


With 100 Pokecoins you can get one poffin!

There are so many different items from the shop which you can purchase with pokecoins. Such as pokeballs, incense, star piece, max potions, lucky eggs, max revives, lure module, egg incubator, item bag, pokemon storage upgrade, and team medallion.

As you play the game you will notice that pokecoins are not easy to get without money and are also very expensive with money. The pokecoins are a vital source to purchase any items in pokemon go.

Use the coins wisely and required or you will be bored in the game, to save the pokecoins don’t spend the pokecoins in the remote battle instead go to the war and use these pokecoins somewhere else.

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To increase the pokecoins, get the first gym, and then you will receive the coins per hour. The number is less but it’s a constant way to earn the pokecoins.

How To Get Pokecoins For Free In 2022?

There are some working methods from which you can get the free pokecoins without spending real money in Pokemon Go.

As we all know before, the easiest method to obtain the pokecoins is simply completing the given tasks within the game. But today, you can only get the free pokecoins through Pokemon Gym.

free pokecoins
how to get coins in pokemon go

But there are also some other methods from that you can get free coins in Pokemon Go.

Google Opinion Rewards :

The Google Opinion application is also one of the methods that you can use to get Pokecoins for free. This app lets users express their views on different topics such as business, events or places and in return for providing your opinion you get points that you can use to purchase Pokecoins.

Reward Offering Platforms:

There are some reward-offering platforms on the web that give you free credit or points from which you can easily able to get Pokecoins for free. Following is the website of the reward offer


Online Pokecoin Generator:

You can try online pokecoins generator web applications to get free pokecoins. Well for most of the players, these generators won’t work but a few players get hundreds of pokecoins from the Pokecoins generator. So you can try your luck and if you get lucky then you can get unlimited free pokecoins without having a hassle.

This is the end of this short guide, hopefully, you find this article helpful in order to know what Pokecoins are and how you can obtain them in the Pokemon Go game for free or with real money.

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