How To Turn On Or Off 3rd Person In MW2?

Want to turn the 3rd person on or off in Call Of Duty: MW2 and cannot figure out how to? Well, for worry anymore; I’ve got you covered.

MW2 Modern Warfare 2 is a multiplayer battlefield game. Its multiplayer experience is excellent from a hardcore gameplay standpoint.

It provides the classic Call Of Duty multiplayer experience that fans have come to expect, with an extensive arsenal of weapons and a decent variety of game modes.

It’s easy to turn off the 3rd Person in MW2, but if you are a new player and need clarification, I created a step-by-step guide to follow and quickly turn it on or off. It can be turned off or on in the options menu. 

What is the 3rd Person in MW2?

how to turn 3rd person on mw2
Image via Activision

The third-person mode in MW2 is a gameplay feature that allows players to view the game from behind their character. This contrasts with the standard version, a first-person view, which puts the player directly in the character’s head.

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Here are some of the game mods where you can play in the third person:

  • Third Person Mosh Pit: This mode is a mix of different game modes such as the team deathmatch, Domination, and hardpoint
  • Third-Person VR Trios: This mode is a battle royale mode where you play in trios, teams of three.

You can also enable third-person mode in private matches. 

How To Turn The 3rd Person in MW2?

To turn the 3rd person on:

  1. Open the options menu.
  2. Go down to the graphics tab.
  3. Scroll down to the “3rd Person Field Of View” slider, and you can adjust it to your liking here. 
  4. Under 3rd Person View, toggle the switch on.

How To Turn The 3rd Person Off in MW2?

To turn the 3rd Person off in MW2: Just follow the above steps and turn the 3rd Person View Toggle off

Advantages Of 3rd Person 

  • You can see more of your surroundings, which gives you an advantage in combat. 
  • You can use the environments to your advantage, such as hiding behind the cover or climbing on objects. 
  • It can be more immersive and fun to play in 3rd person.
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Disadvantages Of 3rd Person In MW2

  • You can be more easily seen by enemies, putting you at a significant disadvantage. 
  • It can be more challenging for some players to aim and shoot from the 3rd person.
  • It can be disorienting for some players.

This is all for how to turn on or turn off 3rd Person in Call of Duty in Modern Warframe 2 guide for more similar guides do check our COD Modern Warframe 2 guides section.