Will Hogwarts Legacy Have a Sequel?

Will Hogwarts Legacy have a sequel? This question was inevitable after the successful launch the game experienced. The hype for this wizarding world game has been impossible to ignore.

This is because players get to experience a definitive Harry Potter experience even though the game is set long before Harry Potter’s time.

If you’re among those wondering if there’ll be a sequel to this phenomenal and magical game, you’re not alone. Keep reading to find the answer to your question. 

Will Hogwarts Legacy Have a Sequel? – Answered

Will Hogwarts Legacy Have a Sequel
Image via Avalanche Software

There’s no official confirmation for a sequel. However, the developers at Avalanche Studio have made no definitive statement against a sequel in the future. The only hope fans have is from a statement made by Warner Bros Games President David Haddad during an interview with Variety.

The president spoke about the game’s success and how they viewed Hogwarts Legacy as a long-term franchise. Haddad also clarified that Warner Bros would continue using franchises like Harry Potter for their future slate of games.

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During the interview, Haddad revealed the time and energy invested into the game by players since its release. At the time of the interview, players played over 152 million hours, but this has surpassed 300 million hours since then. 

Seeing how successful Hogwarts Legacy was, it makes complete sense for Warner Bros to make a sequel of the game. Even better is the job ad released by Avalanche Software.

The job ad stated that the company was hiring a software developer to work on an unannounced AAA console title. Although this reference has been removed since its discovery, gamers are speculating about the idea of a Hogwarts Legacy sequel. 

It took five years to build and release Hogwarts Legacy, but it could take even longer before we see Hogwarts Legacy 2.

There have also been speculations that the game could spin out into a trilogy of games, with the timeline lining up with the arrival of Dumbledore in the game. However, this is all speculation, so we might just have to wait and see. 

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What’s Next for Hogwarts Legacy?

While the answer to the question ‘Will Hogwarts Legacy have a sequel’ is unclear, players are still curious about what to expect next from the RPG. Hogwarts Legacy is already gaining a new fanbase with its release on PS4 and Xbox.

A Nintendo Switch port is reportedly in the works and is expected to push sales through the roof. If this happens, seeing the Warners Bros game fast-track a sequel won’t be surprising. 

Final Thoughts

The team at Avalanche Software did a great job with Hogwarts Legacy and set a strong foundation for the sequel.

Although there’s no official statement, the Warner Bros interview teases this. Until a sequel is made available, check out our Hogwarts Legacy guides to discover various ways to catch magical beasts and pass difficult quests in the game.

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