How To Unlock Competitive Play in Overwatch 2

With plenty of modes to choose from in Overwatch 2, players will definitely want to unlock Competitive play mode to play against players with higher levels. Competitive Play is the key to earning Competitive Points and completing certain challenges.

Unlocking Competitive Play is a bit different in Overwatch 2 than in the first Overwatch. Previously, players needed to reach Level 25 to unlock Competitive Play. However, since player levels no longer exist in Overwatch 2, the requirement for unlocking this mode has changed.

How to Unlock Competitive Play

Unlock Competitive Play Overwatch 2
Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard has implemented what they call the First-Time User Experience, which includes completing a guided tutorial that explains the basics for those new to the franchise. New players will need to complete the guide, as it is the first step toward accessing the game’s modes.

Along with completing the tutorial, you must also win 50 Quick Play unranked matches to unlock Competitive Play. Keep in mind that the requirement is to win 50 matches, not just play them. You can find out how many Quick Play matches they have won by heading over to the Stats tab and filtering by Quick Play in the drop-down list.

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Winning the 50 Quick Play games will complete the Competitive Play Qualification Challenge, granting access to all Competitive modes. Other Challenges reward players with new Titles and Points that can be spent on golden weapons.

As for returning OG players, people that played the first Overwatch and unlocked Competitive play have immediate access to the mode in Overwatch 2. You’ll still need to complete a set of placement matches to gain your rank, which is based on your rank in the first Overwatch game.

This is all for how to unlock competitive play in Overwatch 2 for more similar content you can check our Overwatch 2 guides section.

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