Path Of Exile: How To Reset An Area?

In the RPG game Path of Exile, there are areas. Areas are considered separate loadout zones in the game. It comes with its own rules.  An area may have multiple layout versions that are used to create random instances.

Are you struggling to reset and are you in Path of Exile? Don’t worry, I have created a perfect guide for you in this article about areas, how you can reset an area, how long you have to wait, and more. So let’s get into it.

How to rest an area in Path of Exile

Path Of Exile area reset
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Resetting an Area in Path of Exile is relatively easy, and there are two ways you can reset an area in Path of Exile:

With Keyboard:

  • Hold CTRL and click on the entrance to the area. 
  • This will open a dialog box asking if you want to join a new instance of the area.
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With the chat window:

  • Type “reset” in the chat window.
  • This will also open a dialog box asking whether you want to join a new instance of the area.

When you reset an area, all monsters and items in the area will reset too. This is helpful if you want to farm specific items, but remember when you reset an area, you will lose all of the progress

How long does it take for a map to reset the Path of Exile?

The areas in Path of Exile are instanced. A new instance is created in the game whenever a player enters a new area. And the instance will remain in that current state for about 15 minutes even after the player leaves that area. 

After 15 minutes pass, and no player enters that instance, it will be closed. If a player enters the same area again, it will create a new instance and generate a map. Areas without side areas attached have a shooter instance time and will only last 8 minutes while empty.

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You can also open the instance manager menu by pressing “CTRL + Left Click” on an entrance showing the exact time left for an instance.

That’s all on how you can reset an area in Path of Exile and how long it will take for you to be able to do so. I hope it cleared up all your queries.

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