Ice Staff Code COD: Black Ops 3 – Zombies Chroniclesice

COD Zombies is one of the popular game modes that allow you to explore and more importantly, the true ending of the zombie mode required you to solve lots of puzzles, collect staff and make your way through zombies.

Here at Gameinstants, we featured the Ice Staff code along with an upgrade guide that might come in handy for you. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

Ice Staff Code & Upgrading Guide For COD Black Ops 3 Zombies Chroniclesice

First, you need to collect regular staff and that is Gramophone, Records, Fragments, and Gem you can easily craft the Ice Staff after collecting these items and then you need to work on upgrading the staff.

After crafting the staff you need to head to Cazy Place, where you need to complete some tasks to update the staff. Following are the task that you need to complete solving the ice puzzle, destroying the tombstones, aligning 115 amplification rings and charging staff with souls in order to complete the upgrade process.

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So to start the upgrading process go to Cazy Place and navigate to the location where you see the floating rocks with symbols on the ceiling along with pillars with certain dots on them.

In order to solve the puzzle you need to match the pillar with dots and shoot the floating symbols using the Ice Staff that was located on the ceiling. Make sure to shoot the symbols in the right pattern to solve the puzzle.

Below we mentioned the map that helps you to know how you can read the floating symbols without getting confused.

ice staff code of COD Black Ops 3 Zombies Chroniclesice

If you shoot the symbols in the correct order then you successfully solve the ice puzzle. After that, you need to move to the second task and which was destroying the tombstones.

There is a total of 3 tombstones that you need to destroy and make sure to use the weapon and not ice staff to destroy these tombstones. The first tombstone is located at the right of the Juggernog. The second tombstone is just after the giant footprints and the third tombstone is located at the tank station. After successfully destroying all three tombstones you need to move to the next task and that was aligning the 115 rings.

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To align the rings you need to head underground of the mount. Where you will see giant rings in the center. Here you need to rotate the amplification rings in the correct order basically you need to match all the rings in the blue color and correspond using the ice staff.

Once all the rings are in the correct order you need to go down the amplification device and shoot the ice ball using the Ice Staff to complete this task.

Lastly, you need to charge the ice staff for that you need to head to Cazy Place and locate the Ice holder and put the ice staff inside it. Now take down 30 zombies that will charge the ice staff to full and then you have fully upgraded the ice staff in the game.

This is all for this guide for more similar content you can check our Call of Duty guide panel.

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