Is DayZ Cross Platform for Xbox, PC & PS4?

When it comes to the open-world survival game Dayz will be on the list. Because it’s one of the best games when it comes to zombie hunting. Basically, the Dayz is based on the Arma 2 mod in which people get infected and become zombies.

Since the release, the Dayz fan base in increased day by day and does player looking for crossplay features in the game. Here in this guide, we have covered the topic is Dayz support Cross-Platform and more.

dayz cross platform
is dayz cross platform

Is DayZ Support Cross-Platform?

No, the DayZ is not supported cross-platform. So PlayStation, Xbox and PC users cannot play with each other. For example, if you own Xbox One and your friends own PlayStation 4 in this case you cannot play with your friend.

Will Crossplay Avaialbe For Dayz In Future?

There no official announcement or information available from the developer of Dayz until now. We cannot say if the game get a crossplay feature in future or not. But we updating here once there will any new information about the crossplay feature for DayZ.

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