Is Rocket League Cross Platform In 2022

is Rocket League Cross Platform: The Rocket League is one of the best for fun games. This game is really popular worldwide, and millions of people play it with their friends and enjoy it a lot.

Rocket League is a very simple game. Whereas a player, you need to drive a car, play football, and hit some goals using your car. This is a unique combination where you can do many stunts, actions, and goals. But many newcomers have similar queries, and they want to know “Is Rocket League cross-platform?

If you want to know the real answer and everything about Rocket League, then keep reading this article. We’ve covered everything about Rocket League, and its cross-platform we’ve discussed.

Without wasting a second, Let’s Begin!

Rocket League: Overview

Rocket League is a vehicular soccer video game launched on PlayStation, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Xbox. This is a game where a player needs to drive a car and play soccer with your friends or opponents, and you need to hit as many goals as you can to win the game.

It’s a very enjoyable game you can play with your friends. This game has very eye-catching graphics, features, a Unique concept, and every second thrill that gives you an amazing experience. It’s a completely free-to-play game for all users. You need to play this game with a team of eight players in this game. So if you have some of your friends, you have the option to invite your friends and play with you or against you.

Rocket League is a highly recommended game for users who want to play a thrilling and enjoyable game. 

is rocket league cross platform

Rocket League is the most popular eSports game with so many challenges and thrills. Millions of people are interested in this eSports game and want to play with their friends and have some real fun. This game you can play on different platforms like Windows, Xbox, PS4, Steam, and Nintendo Switch. 

In this game, you need to play as a team; as a player, you need to hit a ball towards a goal and hit as many goals as possible. Well, it’s teamwork, so you can’t expect to do all the goals alone.

So make sure you’re playing this game as a team and play with other players to win a match against opponents. In this game, you’ll see many eye-catching and useful things that increase the entertainment of this game and make it more exciting for you, like the Nitro booster so that you can speed up your car and hit goals faster than your opponent. And if you’re a good rider and know some stunts, you’ll become a pro in this game.

But most people want to know whether it is possible to play with your friends even if they are using different platforms. 

Then it’s the right time to answer this question and give you proper details about Rocket League Cross-platform.

Let’s discuss!

Is Rocket League Cross-Platform?

Yes, Rocket League is cross-platform enabled, and if you’re using PlayStation and your friend has Xbox, you can still play together, and that’s called Cross-platform support. Rocket League wants you to play this game with your friends and have some fun.

That’s why there are no limitations in Rocket League, and it’s cross-platform enabled so that you can easily play this game with anyone who wants to play on any platform. You can easily invite friends to play this game with you or against you in the same match. By inviting friends to this game, this cross-platform doubles the fun and allows you to enjoy it more.

rocket league crossplay

Like Call of Duty, you can play with your friends, do missions, and play action/adventure games; similarly, Rocket League is a cross-platform game that you can play with your friends. Players from around the world can play this game together on different platforms. For many players of the Rocket League, it’s the hottest game with a lot of excitement and thrill that makes you crazy to play this game.

You need to open this game and play it with your friends on different platforms. When you play this game, you’ll feel like you need more – more excitement, more enjoyment, more fun, and more thrill in this game.

So if you’re confused, then let me clear you – Yes! It’s a cross-platform enable game.

Through Steam, you can cross-platform and play this game with your friends on different platforms. It’s fantastic features that help you have some more fun and enjoyment. 

How to Enable Cross-platform play in Rocket League?

As we’ve discussed previously, Rocket League is already cross-platform enabled, so you don’t need to put any effort, but if you’re still confused and want to recheck, you can follow the steps to help cross-platform in rocket league. 

If you want to play rocket league with your friends, enable cross-platform play in this game. Go to the main menu, follow options – you’ll see a box with cross-platform labeled and tick the box to enable this setting in the game. 

This game is cross-platform enabled only until it’s box checked, and if you reset settings or by default settings, it will uncheck. So please keep checking the settings and enabling it while playing with friends. After enabling this feature, you can play this game with friends and other players in public/private matches. 

If you want to play with your friends, this game has a separate friends list where you can add your friends to this list, and later you can start playing this game with your friends as cross-platform. 

Limitations of Rocket League Cross-Play

Rocket League is an open game with cross-platform play, but still, there are some limitations that you should know. Rocket League is an amazing game with action and fun, but there are some limitations like voice chat doesn’t support other types of Chat. 

Also, you’ll see limitations in trading where you can’t trade items between platforms. But you can send something from one account to another easily.

These limitations can be ignored or not; it depends on you. If you ignore these limitations, this is an amazing game for playing with your friends. 

is rocket league cross platform Xbox and ps4

How to Cross-play in Rocket League?

Most rocket league lovers want to know “How to Cross-play rocket league,” and if you’re Someone who wants to know, then it’s the best time to know. We’ve covered a very simple process to understand the crossplay method, and it’s a step by step process you need to follow:

Step #1 – Launch Rocket League on any platform

Step #2 – Now go to Main Menu in rocket league

Step #3 – Now select options

Step #4 – It’s time to open Gameplay Tab

Step #5 – Now look if cross-platform is enabled or not (Do as per your requirements)

Congratulations! You’ve successfully enabled Cross-Play in rocket league, and now you can play this game with your friends and enjoy.

How to Join a Cross-platform Rocket League Game?

If you’re eagerly wanting to play rocket league with your friends, then follow these given steps and get ready to play this amazing game with your friends. You can create a private match with your friends and enjoy the game.

Follow these step by step processes we’ve given below:

  • Launch Rocket League on any platform
  • Now select “Play” in the main menu.
  • then choose “Private Match.”
  • Create a lobby or “Join Me.”
  • Cross-platform is enabled in your game, and it’s available for all your friends to join your game with any other device.

You can play the rocket league platform with your friends when you follow these steps. These steps are so easy and allow you to enable cross-platform. 

How to Link Rocket League Cross-platform to Epic Games Account

If you haven’t linked your Rocket League Cross-platform to Epic Games account, then you need to understand the step-by-step process we’ve given below to enable this game. So here’s the process below:

Step #1 – You need to Visit 

Step #2 – After redirecting to this page, you can log in under the Epic Games Logo

Step #3 – Login to your Epic Games account, or you can create an Epic game account if you don’t have yet

Step #4 – It’s time to enter your Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch account details

Step #5 – Select Next and choose Primary Platform

When you’re following these steps, you’ll successfully link your Epic Games account. 

is rocket league cross platform xbox and PC

What are the requirements of Playing the Rocket League?

If you’re a rocket league game lover and want to know the requirements so that you can play this game on your device and enjoy it with your friends, then we’ve covered all the requirements for playing this game. If you’ve PlayStation or Xbox one, then you don’t need to look for requirements because it’s easily played on this game but if you’re a PC and still want to play this amazing game with your friends, then here are the requirements you should consider:

  • Operating System: Windows 7/8/10/11 (64bit)
  • Processor: 2.5 GHz Dual-core (Required) or 3.0+ GHz Quad-core (Highly recommended)
  • Memory: 4 GB (RAM) or 8 GB (Recommended)
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 760, AMD Radeon R7 270X or better
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet Connection
  • Storage: 20 GB available space

These are the must-have requirements if you want to play Rocket League on your PC and play with your friends. Also, you need to buy a controller to play at your best, and a PC is really useful when you’re playing Rocket League. 

Best Cars in Rocket League

We’ve discussed everything that allows you to play Rocket League with your friends and have some really fun moments. Now it’s time to see some of the best cars of the Rocket League that will make you a better player in this game. Most pro players have amazing cars with a new look, size, and feel. Here are some best cars we’ve discussed below:

#1 Octane

When you see so many rocket league professional players, then you’ll see “Octane,” which looks big and fast enough to reach your goal. This is perfectly made for hitting balls into the Goal. And the best part is, you’ll get this car immediately.

#2 Dominus

It’s a very strong car and comes with a strong nose that hits the balls strongly to reach your goal. It’s a perfect fit and balanced car for players, and most people want to play with this car.

#3 Esper

If the octane is not what you’re getting, Esper is a good choice. It’s faster, more powerful, and best for hitting goals. For striking purposes, it’s a good car for players.

#4 Venom

This word is really popular worldwide, and it’s a great option to have. It’s faster, runs smoothly, and it’s large enough to hit the balls with a big nose. For pro players, venom is a great choice. 

#5 Fennec

It’s similar to Octane; its nose is wider and flatters so that it’s a balanced car for players to hit the Goal. There are many reasons to love this car, but it’s not easy to get a car, and players need to put so much effort into getting this car. 

These are the top five cars in Rocket League that every pro player wants to play better.

Frequently Asked Questions:

These are some frequently asked questions related to the is Rocket League Cross Platform. Here our team provides a complete explanation of these questions.

Can you play rocket league cross-platform?

Yes, Rocket League already comes with a cross-platform where you can play this game with your friends on different platforms like PS4, Xbox, and PC. So you can play this game with your friends by using different platforms. 

How can I play Rocket League on PC with Xbox?

If you have Xbox/Pc and your friend have a different platform, then you can follow these steps to play rocket league:

# Launch the game and go to Main Menu (Options)
# You can select the Gameplay option.
# Check if cross-platform is enabled, then you can play with your friends.

How do I enable cross-platform in Rocket League?

From the Main Menu, select Settings. Choose the Gameplay tab. Check the box next to Cross-Platform Play.

Is Rocket League cross-platform with PS5?

A leaked report from the ongoing court fight between Epic Games and Apple reveals that a Rocket League PS5 version, as well as cross-play and cross-progression for the free-to-play game, is in the works.

Is Rocket League Cross Save?

Cross Platform advancement is available in Rocket League! Your Competitive Rank, Rocket Pass Progress, and hard-earned merchandise may be shared across all platforms.

Rocket league already comes with cross-platform gameplay. So that you can play this game with your friends on different platforms, you can also enable cross-platform Features if it’s by default disabled. In this article, we’ve covered everything about Rocket League and how you can enable this feature. We hope this article is useful for you. 

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