Pokemon Go Paras Spotlight Hour – August 8, 2023

Every Tuesday, Pokemon Go hosts a Spotlight Hour to encourage players to obtain a rare pocket monster while making the best use of specific bonuses. The Mushroom Pokemon will be in the limelight this week. However, most of the trainers will be looking to focus on making the best out of the active bonus.

Pokemon Go Paras Spotlight Hour will begin at 6 PM and end at 7 PM Local Time on August 8, 2023. During this time, the said Pokemon will have a higher spawn rate in the wild. Trainers will thus be able to encounter its shiny variant more often. Paras is a dual Bug/Grass type whose best moveset is Bug Bite with X-Scissor or Seed Bomb.

Goals for Pokemon Go Paras Spotlight Hour

50 Candy is required to evolve Paras into Parasect, which has a max CP of 1202. Despite boasting moderate stats of ATK 165, DEF 146, and HP 155, Parasect pales in comparison to other Bug-types like Scyther, Beedril, and Pinsir. It also possesses a high number of weaknesses like Bug, Flying, Fire, Ice, Poison, and Rock-type moves.

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Therefore, Parasect is only viable to be a Pokedex-filler. The Mushroom Pokemon can be used as a Gym defender but don’t expect it to hold on for much long in competitive areas like New York (USA), Zaragoza (Spain), Sydney (Australia), and Osaka (Japan).

August 2023 Spotlight Hours
Image via LeekDuck.com

The main goal of Pokemon Go Paras Spotlight Hour is to capitalize on the 2X Catch Stardust bonus. Each Pokemon caught during the event will give double the amount of Stardust. Also, trainers will be looking to obtain Shiny Paras and Shiny Parasect.

Shiny Paras in Pokemon Go

A Shiny Paras is somewhat difficult to distinguish from the original version. The normal Paras has a bright orange body with red mushrooms on its head that have orange dots. Meanwhile, Shiny Paras has a bright red color appearance with mushrooms on its head that have yellow dots.

Odds for Paras’ shiny variant according to ShinyRates.com is 1/617. This means that it is one of the most difficult shinies to obtain in Go. Luckily, players will presumably be able to encounter 1 shiny in every 50 during the Spotlight Hour on Tuesday.

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