Why Can’t I Type in Among Us? How to Fix

Cannot able to type in the chat box in Among Us, well don’t worry here we covered all the information that help you to know why you cannot able to type messages in Among Us and how you can fix it without having a hassle.

Among Us has lots of features within the game that players can use including the chat box that allows players to communicate with other players no matter if they’re an imposter or a crewmate. This allows players to convey with other players and vote for the imposter.

Sometimes the players cannot able to type the message in the chat box. Here is why this happens.

Why Can’t I Type in Among Us

Reasons Why You Cannot Able To Type Message in Among Us

There are several reasons why players in Among Us cannot able to type messages in the chat box and we mentioned them all here in this short guide.

You’re Playing in Gust Mode

If there is an issue with the network sometimes the Among Us shows a Sign-In error and allows players to play in Gust Mode to keep playing the game.

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In Guest Mode, the player resisted using of some of the in-game features including the text box. This means the player cannot able to use the Quick Chat in the Among Us if it’s playing as the Gust Mode.

Make sure to check if you’re on Gust Mode then sign in with your Among Us account in order to use the Quick Chat feature in the game.

Developer Updating Among Us

If Innersloth is making some changes to the game then most likely they will disable some of the features temporarily. As we know Innersloth continuously keeps updating the Among Us for better and releases updates and patches for the game to fix the temporary bugs.

To know if there are Among Us updates rolling out do check the Innersloth Twitter account. They always announced if there is any new update rolling out and what it fixes and affects.

You’re on Quick Chat And Not on Free Chat

If you’ve disabled the Free Chat option due to other personal reasons then in the game you can only access the Quick Chat. So you need to re-enable the Free Chat in Among Us in order to use it again. For this go to Settings > Find Game> Chat Type> Free Chat. After re-enabling the free chat you can use it again in-game.

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You’re Not 18+ or Above Age

When fresh the Among Us you need to enter your Birthdate if you enter the incorrect age then it can be a problem. Because according to the Innersloth policy users who are not 18+ cannot able use the Free Chat they can only access the Quick Chat only.

If this is the issue then you can create a new Among Us account and make sure to set the birthdate that is 18+ or above.


1. Navigate to the folder located at the following address.

(C:) > Users > Name > AppData > LocalLow > Innersloth > Among Us

2. Search for the playerPrefs file and simply Right-click on it and select to open it with Notepad.

3. Look for the string of numbers that appears your birthday you entered when launching the game

For example, October 30 2022 birthday will appear as “30,10,2022” in the Notepad

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4. Simply change the birthday to 18+ or above and save the file.


  1. Touch & hold on to the Among Us app icon and in the pop option select Remove App.
  2. Simply tap on Delete again to confirm it.
  3. Once the Among Us app has been deleted, Simply re-download and re-install again.
  4. Launch the Among Us game, then enter a new date of birth


  1. Go to Settings>Apps & notifications > Among Us
  2. Simply tap on Storage and then on Clear Data.
  3. Launch the Among Us game, then enter a new date of birth

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Why Can’t I Type In Among Us with complete information.

This is sum up of this guide for similar content do read our Among Us Guides for more helpful information.

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