45+ Sites to Read Manga Online in 2024

Read Manga Online: Welcome, Manga is the most popular comic book with many Japanese stories/comics for readers. Millions of manga fans are actively reading manga comics online on different websites. 

There are so many websites available that provide Manga online for readers to read different categories of manga comics. 

And these platforms are completely free to read your favorite manga online. But there are hundreds of websites available to read manga, and you need to find the best manga Website where you’ll see the most High-quality scans to read comics online for absolutely free.

In this article, we’ve covered some top sites to read manga online in 2023 so that you’ll find the best place to read manga online for free.

Without wasting a second, Let’s Begin!

read manga online

Here’s a list of popular websites to read manga online in 2023

#1 Manga Kakalot

It’s one of the popular platforms where you can find almost all favorite & popular comics/manga series in 40+ genres. It’s so easy to read on this platform because you can do some simple settings and each page view in a high-quality and easy-to-read manner. It’s a Recommended platform for manga lovers to read comics on this platform.

#2 Manga Owl

This platform comes with 100+ manga genres, and you’ve tons of options to select your favorite comics. You’ll see many popular and recently listed manga series on this platform so you’ll keep engaging with these platforms and keep reading these comics one by one. This platform comes with so many comics collections that surely you’ll like it.

#3 Manga Reborn

As we know, manga is Japanese comics, and they need to be translated from Japanese. This platform is amazing, where you’ll get most of the comics in translated versions in an easy-to-read manner. The collection of amazing comics is listed on this platform for free. For manga lovers, this is a great platform.

#4 Comic Walker

One of the popular platforms for manga comics is Comic Walker in Japan. Its interface is really useful and eye-catching, where you can easily see newly listed and popular comics in the list, and with one click, you can read any comic you want. Each manga page is full of great information and scanned chapters with high-quality content so that it’s easy for readers to read comics online.

#5 BookWalker

It’s another amazing website for manga lovers where you can spend most of the time. And if you’re using smartphones, it’s available for Android/iOS. It’s a very useful website, and almost anyone can access it easily.

#6 Honto

This is a store where you can get both versions of comics, i.e., ebooks and paper books. So if you’re a manga lover and want to build a collection of manga comics, then this store is really useful for you.

#7 Comic

It’s purely based on the Japanese language, and if you know Japanese and you’re a manga lover, then it’s a perfect collection for you. On this platform, you’ll get almost any type of comic, but only in the Japanese language.

#8 Mangago

For beginners who are looking for a few manga comics to read, then this platform is useful. Mangago comes with a good collection of comics in translated language and easy to read manner.

#9 AnimeNova

This platform is unique because you’ll see Manga and Anime comics collections in the translated language. Surely it’s more amazing for you to read Anime/Manga comics in high-quality. And if you’re an Android user, you can use an application to read it.

#10 Viz

It’s also similar to AnimeNova but has a better collection, User-friendly Interface, and is best for Anime/Manga lovers. A popular collection of high-quality comics scanned, and the best recommendations allow you to keep reading amazing comics on this platform.

manga to read

#11 Managing

If you’re looking for a user-friendly website with a proper well-structured format for different categories of comics, you have a separate list of your favorite comics.

In that case, Managing is the topmost Website for reading manga online for manga lovers. And the best point, you’ll get regular updates on this website for new comic releases at high-quality.

#12 Crunchy Walker

The largest manga publisher is Crunchy Walker in japan. Millions of manga lovers can spend most of their time on this Website; you’ll get the latest comics and your favorite collection and read scanned at the best quality. Its Interface is so eye-catching that it allows you to find your favorite comics easily in minutes.

#13 Crunchyroll

If you’re looking for a premium platform, Crunchyroll comes with a subscription service for manga lovers. But if you want to take a free trial, then this platform also comes with a free trial of 15 days so that you can enjoy reading comics with high-quality scanned pages for free.

#14 Otaku Smash

The demand for manga comics lovers is increasing rapidly, and that’s why Otaku Smash fulfills the requirements by providing all the latest and popular comics in high-quality scanned paper online for easy reading.

Its services are amazing and easy to use, and it surely allows you to read entertaining Japanese comics in the translated language. You’ll see different categories as per your choice, and you can pick your favorite comics easily.

#15 Renta

This is a crazy platform where thousands of people read manga comics daily and spend most of their time. Renta is quite popular for comics collection because they’ve listed comics in different categories. For action/ adventure/ fun, you can pick your favorite comics and read them with high-quality scans. It’s so easy to read with a user-friendly interface.

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#16 Manga Panda  

It’s a popular online store for manga comics. If you’re a manga lover and want to read manga online in the comfort of your home, then manga panda can help you to read online manga comics easily. But it’s not useful for minors so make sure you’ve reviewed it before reading manga comics.

#17 Weekly Shonen Jump

This is best for a quick search; if you are specifically looking for a manga comic that you want to read, this platform helps you find it quickly by searching for a name. This is one of the Popular and oldest manga stores for comics, and manga lovers spend most of their time reading their favorite manga comics.

#18 Manga Club

This club is operated by Torico, where you’ll get all Japanese manga comics in English-translated versions. It’s a free platform for all manga lovers who want to read engaging and exciting comics daily.

On this platform, you’ll see must-read manga series that make your mind more excited and full of joy and happiness. So you should consider this platform if you’re looking for manga series/comics online. Just scroll and read your favorite comics for free.

#19 Manga-Anime Here

Many people want to select any specific platform to spend most of their time reading their favorite manga comics. This platform is really helpful for many manga lovers. It’s so easy to use this platform and find your favorite comics because of the user-friendly interface and fast search section.

#20 Mangareader.net

You’ll get almost any content category on this platform like Action, adventure, fun, thrill, horror, suspense, etc. Japanese manga comics in the translated version. Most users love to read the latest comics on this platform because they only prefer high-quality scanned comics for you to read online, giving you the exact experience of reading comics.

And if you’re struggling with registration on different platforms, you should know that this platform is not required registration; you can simply go to this website and read your favorite manga comics online for free.

where to read manga online

#21 MangaStream

It’s a very frequent platform that gives you so many updates, new comics, and popular comics updates faster so that you always find a comic book to read on this platform.

MangaStream mainly lists comics suggested by thousands of people with high ratings so that users will get only excited and amazing manga comics to read daily. There are many amazing comics already listed on this platform for you.

You should try at least once and probably find the platform where you’ll find your all favorite Comics.

#22 Manga Here

There are tons of manga comic collections Available on this platform, and if you’re Someone who wants to read manga comics online for free, then it’s one of the best platforms for you to read manga comics. Because of daily comics updates, popular and Latest manga comics in the translated version are available on this platform for free.

An excellent platform for manga lovers with different categories of collections available for you. You can read new exciting comics on this platform daily, and based on your reading; this platform suggests many best comics for better enjoyment.

#23 ZingBox

This is an all-in-one platform for all manga lovers. It means if you’re a manga comic lover and want a platform with a user-friendly interface, a great collection of manga comics, regular updates of manga series, and best recommendations, then this platform is really helpful for you.

When you visit for the first time on this platform, you’ll see recent/latest manga comics in different categories like horror, action, adventure, thrill, etc.

And you have the option to select any funnies that you want to read. These comics come with high-quality scans, so you’ll enjoy reading these comics, and as per your interest, you can see related suggestions for comics. 

#24 MyReadingManga

If you’re an adult and want to access a Website where only adult comics are uploaded, this can be one of the best sites to read adult comics. So make sure only adults open this site to read comics. In December 2022, this website launched, where you’ll see a green collection of adult manga series in very high-quality scans so that readers love to read these adult comics.

You’ll get a new group of adult comics on this website, and you’ll surely like to read these comics whenever you want.

Adult comics websites are so few, and if you search for a platform, this platform is considered one of the Best Platforms for adult comics, but you need to know that these comics are not downloadable content. If you want to buy these physical/digital content from different websites, you can download them from Comiket, Renta, and DLsite.

#25 Manga Fox

This is one of the oldest but most active websites where thousands of people are actively reading manga comics online for free. On this platform, you’ll get 8000 high-quality scanned comics in different categories so that anyone can reach this website and read their favorite comics as per their requirements.

These are the most high-quality scanned comics available on this website. Also, for regular manga Comics, you’ll see the best recommendations every week. This platform is a favorite for many manga comic lovers.

#26 Manga Freak

It’s also a collection of manga series, but the unique point of this platform is that you’ll see some popular manga series like Bleach, One Piece, Naruto and Boruto, etc. You don’t need to buy from this platform because it’s completely free to use and read so many manga comics easily.

This platform is really helpful for manga lovers because of the latest comic updates, and you’ll surely read amazing manga comics regularly.


Many people love to use this platform because of its user-friendly interface, eye-catching colors, and latest release manga comics that excite readers to read more comics regularly and spend most of the time on this platform.

It’s a hub of manga series, and you’ll see almost all old to latest manga series in high-quality scans. You can read any comic in one click and enjoy the experience of these manga comics. A completely different section for launching the Latest manga commission and new releases is listed on this platform.

#28 Book Walker

If you’re a regular visitor of comic walkers, it’s fun to know that book walkers are a sister to this platform. Because it’s similar to comic walkers, where you can buy any manga comic online, it’s a very popular platform. It has a user-friendly interface that allows visitors to read new Latest comics after purchase.

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Also, you’ll get a free trial option to see some sample pages, and if you’re getting interested, you can buy comics and read as per your interest. Some free manga comics are also listed on this Website to download for free.

#29 Kiss Manga

The main source of the manga series is kiss manga. There are tons of manga comics available on this Website in different categories, and almost any type of manga is Available on this Website. If you have any name in your mind for the manga, then you can simply search and find your favorite manga comics in seconds.

It’s an interface and is user-friendly and a very fast website to search for the latest & popular manga comics. There’s a list of popular manga comics that you can read as per your interest. But if you’re new and don’t know about any manga comics, then this comic comes with a short description that piques your interest to read it.

#30 Readm.org

It’s a very clean, well-structured, and category-based website where you’ll get almost all types of manga comics from old to the latest comics regularly updated on the website. When you visit for the first time, you’ll see the most popular and trending manga series that you can enjoy reading on the home page.

All comics come with high-quality scans so you’ll enjoy reading these comics. It’s an easy-to-use platform for everyone, and anyone can read their favorite comics on this website for free. This platform comes with an advanced search option that helps you find your favorite manga comics in seconds.

read manga online free

#31 MangaPark

This website is in 7th rank worldwide for manga series collection for readers to read these manga comics online absolutely free of cost. There are thousands of manga comics available on this platform and regularly, new comics are uploaded for visitors.

If you’re a manga comics fan and looking for a platform where you can find an amazing collection of manga collections – the latest, popular, and trending then MangaPark is a full Action pack. Its interface is user-friendly, and each comic is added based on letters, ratings, categories, views, and many other things. 

MangaPark has an amazing collection of different categories like action, adventure, horror, romance, adult, or drama. You’ll get almost any type of manga comic. And if you like any specific comic, then you can bookmark your favorite comics.

#32 Mangable.com

It’s the complete latest manga collection Website for manga lovers. This platform comes with a 4000+ scanned comics collection for you to read online. The best point is, it’s completely free, and anyone can read these manga comics online.

This is an amazing platform that regularly updates the latest/popular manga comics so that you don’t need to go to other websites.

You’ll get almost all popular manga collections on this platform. Its interface is simple, eye-catching, and user-friendly, which keeps you engaged in spending more time on this Website. We can say that it’s a valuable time Platform where most manga comics lovers can spend their time and enjoy an amazing collection of manga comics.

#33 Honto.Jp

It’s a different platform where you’ll see a collection of webtoons and the unique point that makes this platform better than other platforms we’ve discussed, i.e., you can download these comics collections, but it’s a very first published platform that’s why you’ll see these comics in the Japanese language. But surely, you’ll get almost any type of manga comics you want on this platform. 

It’s an open platform where you’ll get these manga comics online/offline if you want an ebook or paper book. This platform comes with all requirements.

This platform is really useful for online readers because it supports PC, Mac, iOS, and Android. It’s one of the popular platforms, and if you’re a fan of manga comics, this platform is highly recommended.

#34 MangaOwl

Thousands of manga comics fans are actively reading manga comics online on this platform. Because they’ll get high-quality scanned copies of manga comics that are easy to read, and anyone can read the translated version. It’s a completely free platform, and you can access thousands of manga comics online at this platform for free.

This platform comes with many content categories like action, adventure, horror, comedy, thrill, or fantasy. Everything is covered on this website in categories to select as per your interest area and read some amazing manga comics.

As we’ve discussed, it’s a free platform. That’s why you don’t need to register an account to read these comics – go to this platform to search for any manga comics and read online high-quality scanned comics.

If we talk about its user-friendly, eye-catching, and valuable interface, it surely helps you search any comics or its recommendations easily. 

It’s a free platform, but still, you’ll not get ads because it’s ads-free platform so readers will read their favorite comics without any disturbance.

#35 MangaBob

It’s mainly popular for the Search platform, meaning if you’ve any specific manga comic that you’re searching for, then this platform surely helps you to get the comic in seconds because of its powerful search system.

You can simply type the name of the manga comic, and you’ll get your comic quickly. It’s an online platform, and you can read these manga comics online.

The content listed on this website is entertaining, and you’ll love to read these comics for free online on this platform.

Also, you don’t need to create/register an account; you can simply go to this platform and read whatever manga comic you want to read. These comics are high-quality scanned, so it’s very eye-catching and engaging for you to read these comics.  

#36 Viz Media

It’s one of the most popular platforms in the United States for manga comics. This amazing and popular platform started in July 1986, and it’s serving amazing services and engaging comics for readers. Millions of people are manga comics lovers.

Most of them are visiting this website to read their favorite manga comics because its collection is the latest and comes with high-quality scanned comics so that readers will engage with their comics.

It’s a pretty advanced Website and comes with many filters so that you can find the best manga comics collection in your area of interest. It’s a free online reading platform – where readers read their favorite comics collection whenever they want in high-quality scanned comics. 

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#37 Animenova.org

A dedicated streaming platform for manga comics collection is Animenova. On this website, you’ll get almost every content of manga comics. If you’re a manga comics lover, this platform can blow your mind because a huge collection is waiting for you to read online.

On this website, you’ll see anime, manga comics, and quizzes that surely you’ll love to read. It’s a very engaging Platform and updates new content per the reader’s interest. So that readers keep coming on this website to read useful and entertaining content. 

There are different categories of manga series available for you to find the best category as per your interest.

This platform comes with 30,000+ different types of manga series, and you’ve tons of options to read manga comics and see if you’re getting amazing content. These are high-quality scanned copies of manga comics so that you’ll feel exactly what you’re reading published comics.

#38 Niaad.com

A basic but useful website for Beginners who are starting to read manga comics and want to know more about manga collections and how manga comics are entertaining. These are amazing comics available on this platform that you should read once.

If you like, you can continue to read some other fun manga comics for absolutely free online. It’s a very short website where you’ll not be confused; just go to this platform, search for your favorite comic and start reading online for free. Its interface is clean, easy to use, and user-friendly.

You’ll not see any advertisements on this platform while reading your favorite manga comic, so you can enjoy reading on this platform for free. 

#39 MngDoom.com

One of the best alternatives to manga collections is the manta doom Website, where you’ll see amazing collections of manga comics for free. This platform comes with a huge manga series collection with high-quality scanned comics for manga lovers.

Its popularity is growing day by day, and thousands of readers come to this website to read entertaining manga comics daily online for free. You’ll only get quality material on this website for free & continuously update new comics collections.

read manga free online

#40 EbookRenta.com

It’s a very powerful and popular platform for manga lovers looking for a platform where they can read amazing manga comics. This professional platform allows you to buy or rent premium/popular manga comics easily. 

It’s a very big platform where you’ll get almost all the Latest manga comics listed on this website for you. The reason behind this platform’s popularity is that you’ll get all these Japanese comics in translated versions of English. So it’s a handy platform to read manga comics.

#41 Comixology.com

It’s a worldwide popular platform, and it’s an Amazon-aided company that offers digital comics for readers in different categories like Marvel, DCU comics, Manga series, etc. Its collection is pretty impressive, and if you’re a comic lover, this platform is the most amazing platform to read comics online.

Most of the comics listed on this website are translated into English. You can buy these comics at the lowest cost and get high-quality scanned comics for you.

It’s a very professional Platform, and that’s why the interface is classic, user-friendly and interactive. 

#42 MangaHentai.me

It’s Popularly known for adult comics. This website added a Japanese adult manga comics collection. If you’re reading adult comics, then this platform gives you a Premium collection of adult manga collections of comics so that you can read as per your interest.

This website is only for adults, so if you’re under a minor, don’t visit this website because only adult content is available on this platform to read. This type of website is full of adult images, banners, advertisements, and Comics collections, and if you’re an adult-only, it allows you to read these manga comics online.  

#43 FreeComicOnline.me

This website is a great platform and comes with an amazing manga series/comics collection. For manga comics readers, it’s a good Platform because only popular comics listed on this platform come with high-quality scanned copies.

There are tons of different categories available on this platform, and you can choose your area of interest. Its library and collection of manga comics are growing rapidly, and that’s why its popularity is also increasing day by day. It’s a mixed platform, and that’s why you’ll see adult content also in this website to read. 

#44 Holy Manga.com

A top-rated platform for manga comics collection is here. It’s a library of entertainment where you’ll get the latest and most popular manga comics in translated versions for manga lovers. There are tons of comics available to read online, and you’ve varieties of different comics available on this platform.

It’s a free platform, and you don’t need to spend anything to read manga comics on this platform. Its interface is very eye-catching and user-friendly, allowing you to spend more time on this website to read new comics regularly.

#45 Hetaifc.com

Most people understand that it’s a hentai comic collection platform and only for adults. It’s a popular platform for adult comics collections, and if you’re interested in reading adult comics, this platform comes with varieties of comics for you.

It’s an adult platform, but the interface is eye-catching and enhances the experience of reading these comics.

#46 Manhwax.com

A popular Website for manhwa comics is this, but you’ll see a good manga series collection. If you’re a manga reader, you can consider this website for reading online. Its interface is modern, and you’ll see the latest, popular, and updated comics on this website so that you’ll know what’s new on this website.

Final Verdict

Finally, we’ve covered 45+ top-rated Websites where you’ll find an amazing collection of manga series for free with high-quality scanned copies.

If you’re a fan of manga series, then surely this article is useful for you, and now you can go to this website where you can find a huge collection of manga comics. 

You’ll get all these platforms with translated versions of these Japanese comics so that you’ll get engaged while reading these comics.

These are the best platforms to read manga comics in 2023. After reading this article, you’ve tons of options to select any website and find your favorite Platform to read manga comics online. Drop your comment and let me know which Platform you like the most.

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