Is There a Shiny Rayquaza in Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go is known to be a very popular mobile game and is played by millions around the world. The Pokemon Go fanatics live to collect different Pokemons in order to capture and train them to win the battles.

Thus, the hustle to get the best-rated Pokemons and characters are what the game is all about. In recent times different shiny versions of different Pokemons have made a burying competition.

These shiny Pokemons have special abilities and thus, people rush in order to get them. One such creature is known to be the shiny Rayquaza which is now a matter to discuss.

People often have doubts regarding the shiny Rayquaza and how to get it or if it even exists. If you are among those who would like to know about it, then you are at the right place because we have got you all covered regarding the shiny Rayquaza and how to get it.

What is Shiny Rayquaza in Pokemon Go?

The Rayquaza is known to be a very powerful and legendary character, thus players wander in order to find the shiny version of the rayquaza. To the absolute beginner, the shiny Rayquaza is a pokemon that is sky-high and known to be originally from Hoenn.

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Shiny Rayquaza
Shiny Rayquaza

It is significant as compared to the other creatures due to its dynamic. Its height is approximately 7 meters and its weight is around 206 kg making it a big creature that is very powerful if trained and used rightly. The shiny Rayquaza has very good stats when it comes to attacking.

The attack rate of the shiny Rayquaza is known to be 284 and it consists of a defence rating of 170 which is not at all bad. The stamina of the shiny Rayquaza is known to be 213 which makes it very powerful. It has a CP of 3856 if used at the maximum potential and an HP range of 20 to 180 at the level of 50. To be on the other side, the shiny Rayquaza has no gender and is very effective if used with the right weapons and spells.

Is Shiny Rayquaza Available in Pokemon Go?

To the people who wonder if there is an existence of shiny Rayquaza, the answer would be yes. Similar to all the Pokemons which are mythical or legendary, the shiny Rayquaza is also available to get. But, there is also a twist as you can never get the shiny Rayquaza in the forest or wild or in the form of an egg. But, you will only get the shiny Rayquaza via raid battles.

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The aspirants who want to capture this legendary Pokemon called the Shiny Rayquaza can only capture it in the event of Primal Rumbling Event that was held in February 2023. Thus, the event especially includes the riad battles of Rayquaza. When the event is active the shiny Rayquaza will be seen frequently making it easier for the players to capture it in their team and train it for further raids and battles.

Can You Still Get Rayquaza in Pokemon Go?

Well, the Primal Rumbling Event is passed this means now you cannot able to grab your hands on Shiny Rayquaza for now. But with the increasing demand for the shiny Pokemons may be developer will reintroduce the shiny variant of Rayquaza. So we hope to see the Shiny Rayquaza in future.

More importantly, the chance of getting the shiny Rayquaza in a normal game is approximately 1 in 500. When the event will be active, the chances of getting the shiny Rayquaza would be around 1 in 20 making it much easier for the trainers to capture the legendary Pokemon.

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In conclusion, we can say that yes the shiny Rayquaza does exist like the other legendary Pokemon. The shiny Rayquaza is very powerful as we defined all the stats of the shiny Rayquaza above. But in order to get it you need to win the battles of the event and could not be found in the wilds.

This is sum up for the Shiny Rayquaza guide for more related content such as Shiny Mew or Shiny Rhyhorn and more do refer to our Pokemon Go guides.