How To Catch a Shiny Rhyhorn in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a popular mobile game since its launch in July 2016, with nearly 50 million downloads across all platforms. In this game players from all around the world hunt and capture Pokemon. In simple words, the players collect items, trade with friends, and battle each other to gain experience points.

The game’s premise is to walk around in the real world, using your phone to see and catch Pokemon creatures that are mostly found in your immediate surroundings.

Pokemon Go’s gameplay revolves around the player catching, battling, and training virtual Pokemon, or pocket monsters, appearing on a real-time map on their mobile device screen.

There are hundreds of pokemon’s in Pokemon Go that players can capture and one of the Pokemon is Shiny Rhyhorn. In this guide, I will explain all about the Shiny Rhyorn such as its abilities, how you can catch it, weaknesses and more.

How To Catch a Shiny Rhyhorn

Who is Shiny Rhyhorn?

The Shiny Rhyhorn is a rare pokemon in Pokemon Go. It was first introduced on Pokémon Go Community Day. It’s the shiny version of the Rhyhorn and its colour changed from gray to bronze. However, there are any other changes in terms of skills and abilities compared to Rhyhorn.

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Just like other Shiny Pokemons such as Shiny Starly player love to catch this pokemon and collect it their Shiny Pokemon collection.

You found Shiny Rhyhorn in mainly wild, sunny or clear and partly cloudy weather in the mountain areas.

How To Catch Shiny Rhyhorn in Pokemon Go?

The Rhyhorn is the first generation Pokemon and Shiny Rhyhorn is introduced on the Pokémon Go Community Day that was held in February after the event you can find Shiny Rhyhorn in the wild, sunny/clear and partly cloudy weather areas such as mountains. However, the chance of getting Shiny Rhyhorn is very low because of its rarity.

In this Pokedex entry, we see that Rhyhorn is a Ground-type Pokemon used in Pokemon Go with an effective attack stat of 70. Rhyhorn can create Shock Waves by slamming its tail into the ground. This ability traps opponents into a single spot where they are vulnerable to powerful attacks from other team members.

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Shiny Rhyhorn can increase speed when running, and its horn glows blue. It’s known as one of the fastest Pokemon in-game, and it doesn’t have any disadvantages.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to how to catch Shiny Rhyhorn in Pokemon Go with complete information.

How rare is a shiny Rhyhorn?

Technically, the official catch rate for Shiny Rhyhorn on Community Day is 4.1 percent, which means you should acquire a shiny roughly once every 24-25 encounters.

Can Rhydon be shiny Pokemon go?

Rhydon is now unavailable in its Shiny form. You must first catch and evolve a Shiny Rhyhorn in order to obtain a Shiny Rhydon. Trainers, have fun plundering.

Rhydon vs Rhyperior?

Rhyperior is no exception to the rule that the final evolution is better than the previous evolutions. There’s absolutely no reason not to consider improving your Rhydon’s base stats. The only reason you should not evolve your Rhydon is if you do not have a Protector item or a trusted trainer with whom to exchange.

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