How to Catch Shiny Mew in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go consists of different Pokemon that players needed to catch and train to progress into the game. Pokemon Go is basically based on GPS tracking in order to find your best Pokemons in certain locations.

One such creature is known to be the Shiny Mew. It is a legendary pocket-type psychic monster that first appeared in the Kanto event and is the recent burning topic among Pokemon go fanatics all around the world.

The main topic of discussion lies with its shiny variant. The Shiny Mew is known to be one of the favorite Pokemon in legendary slots and could be captured while exploring the Realm of AR.

The Shiny Mew is known to be very rare and getting the Shiny Mew is a sense of achievement. Many do not know what the Shiny Mew looks like. But, don’t worry because we have got you all covered we will be discussing all you need to know when you want to get the Shiny Mew in Pokemon Go.

Getting the Shiny Mew easily in Pokemon Go

Shiny Mew
Shiny Mew

Many have confusion about the looks of the Shiny Mew in pokemon go. So, let us dive straight into it. The Shiny Mew is a monster with light blue tone of skin. It is contrasted with a pink of a paster state.

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In the year 2021, there was a live Kanto Tour in which the participants had to get the event tickets to participate and stand a chance to win exciting rewards. When the event became active, the players with the event tickets got various special rewards.

This event was huge and many people got various legendary items and rare Pokemons. One such Pokemon was the Shiny Mew which got into the eyes of the active participants and instantly was an attraction to the pokemon fanatics.

More on Shiny Mew for Future Events

Many hold a source of fanatic for the Shiny Mew. But let us tell you that at the current stage of the game.

The Shiny Mew is not available anywhere, and the people who had the Shiny Mew in the Kanto event only possess it. It was discontinued from the month of October in the year 2022. But this does not mean that the Shiny Mew will never return.

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According to the sources due to the high demand and popularity of the Shiny Mew, it is possible for the Shiny Mew to again appear in the upcoming events and the participants will thus have a chance to win the exciting Shiny Mew monster.

In order to get the Shiny Mew the participants visit the special research and the trainers complete the activities like the Magikarp and catching the Ditto.

It completely depends on the events of pokemon Go to continue the training of the Shiny Mew. Yet as fans, we can only hope that the Shiny Mew returns in the upcoming events of Pokemon Go.

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