Lost Ark Fesnar Highland Mokoko Seeds Locations Guide

This article covers all information on Lost Ark Fesnar Highland Mokoko Seeds Locations and how you can get it.

In Lost Ark, Mokoko Seeds are an extremely entertaining collection, and there are already more than 1200 of them to be found. Each location contains a variety of goodies and surprises. These are particularly crucial for obtaining area awards.

You can find some items, secrets, and unique locations in Lost Ark. Bosses and powerful monsters are also widely dispersed.

Gaining area advancement for locating these items rewards you with wonderful benefits. You will get to know about the locations of every Lost Ark Mokoko Seed in this article on the map of the Fesnar Highlands in North Vern.

All 8 Mokoko Seeds Location in Fesnar Highland?

You’ll find eight of the Mokoko seeds in the Fesnar Highland.

1 and 2 Mokoko Seed in Fesnar Highland

lost ark fesnar highland mokoko seeds
1 and 2 Mokoko Seed in Fesnar Highland Location

Go to the southernmost part of the map and head north from the Rania Village entrance and turn right when you get to the open space. Climbing down vines will give you access to the first two Mokoko seeds.

3 Mokoko Seed in Fesnar Highland

Third Mokoko Seed in Fesnar Highland Location
3 Mokoko Seed in Fesnar Highland Location

The next Mokoko seed is close to the Spirit Ruins. The tree with a wooden fence next to it that is close to the edge is where you can discover the Mokoko seed.

4 and 5 Mokoko Seed in Fesnar Highland

Fesnar Highland Mokoko Seed Location
4 and 5 Mokoko Seed in Fesnar Highland Location

You’ll need to eliminate some nearby enemies in order to plant the next two seeds. When you do, a prompt asking you to jump up to the ledge will show up. Head south from the Tomb of Swords. Here, near to a cliff, there is a tree that you can scale to reach an elevated platform. Next to the enormous tree are the two Mokoko seeds.

6 Mokoko Seed in Fesnar Highland

Mokoko Seed Locations in Fesnar Highland
6 Mokoko Seed in Fesnar Highland Location

The northernmost region of the map is where you can find the sixth Mokoko seed. From Knight Fall, turn northwest until you reach the structure with the two statues of knights. Close to the door is the Mokoko seed.A huge entryway is in front of the sixth Mokoko seed.

7 Mokoko Seed in Fesnar Highland

All Mokoko Seed Locations Fesnar Highland
7 Mokoko Seed in Fesnar Highland Location

Return to the Rustler’s Lair and proceed to the south. Turn right at the fork and continue along this road until you come upon a wooden cart close to the barrier. The seventh one is immediately after that, to the right of a wooden cart.

8 Mokoko Seed in Fesnar Highland

Location Mokoko Seed in Fesnar Highland
8 Mokoko Seed in Fesnar Highland Location

Head south from the Rustler’s Lair until you come to a small place to your right. In front of an elongated tree is where you’ll find the very last and final Mokoko Seed.

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How to increase Mokoko Seeds supply in Lost Ark??

In fact, it is reported that over 1200 Mokoko Seeds are available to cash for rewards at the village of Mokoko. There are many collectibles strewn around the Lost Arks locations, but none are as plentiful as the Mokoko Seeds. 

You can get rewards from the Totoma, which is located on the upper left side of Mokoko village. You only need 1,200 credits to obtain all rewards that are available to Totoma (NPC in the Mokoko Trading post) at Tortoyk.

Wisdom Isle is also notably where you get the rewards from collecting the Hearts of the Giants, so it is going to be a place you visit quite a bit. But note that, you won’t be able to access certain regions unless you eliminate the enemies inside those triangles.

As soon as you get to the Mokoko seeds, there is no way back up, thus you should avoid the most southern triangle. Due to this, it is recommended that you complete the southern triangle first, go by triport to Barrier Trail, and then complete the northern triangle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):-

Where is Fesnar Highland in Lost Ark?

A location in Lost Ark is called Fesnar Highland. The place is in North Vern. In order to find the resurrected Necromancer Sigmund, the player teams up with the enigmatic knight Thar.

Where are the Mokoko seeds on Toto Silver Island?

The seeds are located inside a building on the left side of the map, close to some water. The moment you step inside the building, you will be met with the Mokoko Seeds in front of you.

How is the abysmal dungeon in Lost Ark unlocked?

As soon as you complete Vern’s main story, Abyss Dungeons become accessible. After finishing the Waiting and Leaving quest, Abyss Dungeons become accessible. Follow the main plot questline until you reach it. Each dungeon can only be finished three times per week.

What are Mokoko seeds in Lost Ark?

The amount of Mokoko Seeds you discover while exploring Lost Ark influences how many rewards your character will get. There are 1,210 Mokoko Seeds that can be found right now. The majority will be hidden, but several will require you to meet a requirement in order to be unlocked.

How do you get Toto island tokens?

Once you have established a rapport with the Toto Elder at the level of Trusted, you can obtain the Toto Silver Island Token.

Are Mokoko Seeds important?

They provide you a little amount of roster experience, allowing you a quick way to raise your roster level and unlock new benefits.

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