Lost Ark: Vedas Prideholme-Style Home Food Guide

In Lost Ark, cooking is a very different unique game and also you can say quite difficult. Cooking recipes are really an important part of your Adventurer’s Tome.

Every land has its own, one-of-a-kind arrangement of nearby dishes that you can gather by obtaining hidden ingredients by them and carrying them to a town’s cook, or by looking that they are out in nature. Finishing your Adventurer’s Tome is a necessary means to get rewards, for example, HP or even detail mixtures.

Here we are helping you to get Prideholme-style Home food:

What is Prideholme?

Prideholme is one the most interesting location the world map of the famous game Lost Ark. It is located in the federation of the Retherams.

The Retherams contains other regions in map are:

  1. Ankumo Mountain
  2. Loghill
  3. Border

What is Adventure’s tomb in Lost Ark?

The Adventurer’s Tome is a valuable little tool that can assist with making your process in Lost Ark much simpler.

You can get to it by squeezing the N key, or simply tapping on the Character button and getting to it from the little menu there. As you step up the Tome, you’ll open prizes as things that can be difficult to find in-game.

What is a most difficult cooking recipe to find?

The “500 Years old Meera Wine” is one of the most hidden cooking recipes to find. Most people don’t know how to do it. Let me explain this.

To get it, you should initially enter the Aquilok’s Head Dungeon in Ankumo Mountain. Follow the right mass of the way, and one of the main little niches you go over will have a metal switch with an Activate symbol. Use it to move the goliath rock obstructing a mystery room. Glance around, and you will likewise track down a mysterious Mokoko Seed!

Find a brownish-colored sack lying on the cavern floor to get 499 Year Old Mera Wine.

Then if you open up your stock and drift over the thing, you will see that while you could right-click to add this thing to your Adventurer’s Tome now, the thing portrayal asks you “to be patient”.

Allow this recipe to sit in your inventory longer, and when you return to it, your “rare” 499 Year Old Mera Wine will have matured into an unbelievable 500 Year Old Mera Wine.

vedas pride home-style home food

How many total cooking recipes in the Lost Ark?

Lost ark is a game which contains cooking recipes. There are generally seven cooking recipes in it. All these recipes are listed below:

1.Holy Potato With Teeth Mark:

Holy Potato With teeth Mark is a legendary item which can be found in Siera, special potatoes. It requires completing the adventure’s tomb quest to get this item.

2. 500 years old Meera Wine:

500 Years Old Meera Wine is one of the most hidden ingredients in this whole platter game. It is difficult for some players to know where it can be found.

3. Protein Packed White Birds Stew:

Disgorged Lump is one of the crafting ingredients. You can get this ingredient by crafting potein-packed white bird stew in lost ark game. The stew is a cooking item you need to cook to complete this quest.

4. Regria Wheat Bread:

This is one of the great recipes. You need to cook some bread for this, it can also be found only in the south towards the two farm fields in the map.

5. Regria Flower Oil:

Regria flower oil always finds near the wooden barrels, it can be used in cooking. You can guess the place where it can be found by reading its name “Regria”, so it can be found in Regria.

6. Solar Tree Sprout Cider:

Solar Tree Sprout Cider is an excellent cooking item which can be craft at Hely, the rethramis. It needs to complete the Adventure’s tomb to get this food item. After you add it to adventure’s tomb, Rethramis changes its name to “Dawntree Sprout Cider”.

Veda’s Pridehlome-style Home Food

Veda’s Pridehlome – Style Home food contain cooking recipes which can be under it on different locations. Let us talk about these locations on which it can be cooked:

The main location where it can be cooked is outside the Niveria’s Tavern, where there is a exiler merchant. You can purchase this amazing recipe from that merchant’s shop worth 3,000 Slivers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the work of Adventure’s Tomb in Lost Ark?

In Lost ark, you can complete all the quest which are required to complete and collect these amazing seven cooking recipes.

Where to find the Vedas Pridehlome-style in Lost ark?

You can find Vedas Pridehlome-style Home in outside the Niveria Tarven, where a potion merchant. This merchant has a shop.

Who is the Cook in this Rethramis?

The important NPC is also the cook in Rethramis, it can be present in all regions in the map of Lost Ark.

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