Genshin Impact: Liyue’s Geoculus Locations Guide

Geoculus Locations: Genshin Impact came to us as a surprise. It is an RPG game that is full of fun and requires no cost to play it. It is available free of cost. The game has an anime-inspired art style. The fame is often compared with The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

There is no doubt that Breath Of The Wild was an inspiring factor in designing the game Genshin Impact. But the game is not a copy product of this. Other elements were also borrowed for making Genshin Impact. This Genshin Impact was able to fetch a lot of new stuff to the table.

Geoculus Locations

What Are Geoculus

There are various types of collectibles available in the game Genshin Impact. Geoculus is gage most important one amongst them. In this article, you will be able to know how players can find them and what are the proper geoculus locations.

The game Genshin Impact was directly inspired by Nintendo’s Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. It was highly inspired by the process of how it deals with its gameplay philosophy. As soon as the players open the game they will be allowed to wander with full freedom in this vast open world of Genshin Impact. 

The players do not need to concentrate on the story. They have to concentrate on how they can explore and find out elements and things that will help them to become stronger than before.

Moreover, the players are allowed to experience the game Genshin Impact with their friends as soon as they arrive at a high enough level.  Geoculus is one of the most important things or elements that the players have to confront in the Genshin Impact game.

We can find the adventure item geoculus (singular )or geoculi (plural ) across the Liyue Nation. We use this to level the statues of the Seven in that nation. You will get bonuses as per the statue’s present level.

You have to reach a specific point in the game to be able to collect the geoculi as they are locked behind the Main Story progression.

You have to know well that there are 131 Geoculus tied to your Story Progression but you only require 130 to max out the level of the Statues of the Seven in the Liyue Nation.

The Elemental Combos Of Genshin Impact

At the time of playing Genshin Impact, the players will find 131 geoculus in the game. The payers can give each geoculus to any statue out of the seven and get rewards. If the players want to level up their adventure rank they need to upgrade these statues with resources.

The player’s ad entire rank is the determiner of their level. The higher the level goes the more players can do.  The players will have to unlock the level if they want to play with friends.

As long as the game will continue the players will be allowed to open new cells to explore. They will be able to unlock more skills for their characters.

Liyue’s Geoculus Locations

In the game Genshin Impact, geoculi are the second variety of oculi.  The most important resources geoculi can be used to increase the level of the Statues of the Seven. By doing this you will be able to gain some pretty big stat boosts as well as advantages.

In the Liyue region of the game Genshin Impact, Geoculus or a geoculi can be found. They are called geoculus locations. The players can use this geoculus to level up the Statues of the Seven that are available in a similar region.

If you want to get a powerful party it is not necessary to find out all the geoculi. The benefit of leveling up the Statues of the Seven is undoubtedly supposed to be worthy enough because it is one of the most convenient ways to boost your strength.

Geoculus is a large golden object that floats in the air and they look alike ornate crystals. They may be easy or difficult to get like other oculi. The possible geoculus locations are given below:

  • It floats above a chest inside the Treasure Chamber.
  • They can be located on top of the tallest tree.
  • You can locate it inside a small cavern beside the river.
  • It floats up in the air over three small stone structures. The player needs to ascend from a higher point to obtain it.
  •  They stay over the roof of the house.
  • It floats over a rock on the coast.
  • They may hide on the top of the high bamboo trees in the pond.
  • They can be located to float between two totems on top of the mountains.
  • It may be located up in the tower.
  • The players can locate them over a tree stump.
  • They may stay on the top of the tree next to the shrine.
  • They may remain on top of a rock.
  • You can locate it at the bottom of the waterfall hole.
  • It may be located on top of the shrine.
  • They may stay inside a pit. The players need to glide down to obtain it.
  • You can locate it under the top level of Wangshu Inn. The players need to jump and glide down to obtain it.
  • They can be located inside the mine.
  • They can stay behind the rock formation.
  • It may float above the wooden dock.
  • It may stay on top of a dead tree.
  • You may locate it on top of the cliff.
  • You may find it inside the ruined tower.
  • The players can find it on top of the Hilichurl hut.

Here we have tried to mention several geoculus locations. But there are 131 locations like this. But is not mandatory to locate all the geoculi for playing the game Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact has become one of the most popular games that can be played online but it comes up free of cost. You have to collect geoculi to gain some extra power. So read this article to know the possible geoculus locations and then play the game for a better experience.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Does 131 Geoculus exist?

In contrast to Mondstadt, which has only 65 Anemoculi, Liyue possesses 131 Geoculi. Liyue is a sizable nation. To fully level up your Geo Statue the Seven to 10, players require 130 of them.

Where can I find every Geoculus?

Two crane statues may be found on Mount Aozang, a rocky peak close to Mount Hulao, and another rocky summit close to the Statue of the Seven at Qingyun Peak. These destinations can be visited in any sequence.

In Liyue, how so many Geoculus are there?

With 131 Geoculi inside the overworld, it is possible to level up the Statues of The Seven in Liyue completely and still have one Geoculus left over.

Genshin: Did it affect all Geoculus?

Genshin Impact presently has 131 Geoculus hidden for players to locate. Each one can be given to any Statue of the Seven for prizes, as players might gain experience in their Adventure Rank by equipping such statues with resources.

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