All Unusual Hilichurl Locations Guide

If you looking for a guide on Unusual Hilichurl Locations then you’re in luck today. Here in this short guide, I have explained all the locations where you can encounter the Hilichurl in Genshin Impact.

All Unusual Hilichurl Locations

Unusual Hilichurls can spawn at any time in 14 different locations.  The Huluchural doesn’t spawn at specific locations on a set schedule.  There are 8 locations in the Liyue region, as well as 6 more in Mondstadt’s old and famous city.

After you beat one, another Hilichurl will spawn in one of the remaining 13 places. There will be a 12-hour gap until the next hilichurl spawn after killing the second one. One word can only have a maximum of one Unusual Hilichurl.

Unusual Hilichurl Mondstadt Locations

There are a total of 6 locations in Genshin Impact where you can encounter the Unusual Hilichurl in Mondstadt.

Northeast of Cape Oath: On the Cliff’s Edge

Unusual Hilichurls location

To get Unusual Hilichurl Mondstadt just teleport to the Waypoint in Cape Oath and simply climb to the edge of the cliff after that go to the location that looks like water (Not near the portal). You can find Hilichurl there.

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Dadupa Gorge: In the Waypoint

Unusual Hilichurls locations with time

You needed to visit the Dadupa Gorge waypoint and climb up to the very cliff given at your left and walk to the given path on the cliff until you reach to the two crossing trees location. There you’ll find the Hilichurl.

Stormbearer Mountains: Near the Shrine of Depths

where to find Unusual Hilichurls in Genshin Impact

Unusual Hilichurl maybe discovered in Stormbearer Mountains, immediately outside of the Shrine of Depth. You needed to get there, go to the Teleportation Waypoint in this region and then walk north for a short distance and you will find Hilichurl there.

Wolvendom: The North of Arena

You will find the next Unusual Hilichurl in the Wolvendom waypoint the closest one to the Mondstadt. Follow the route to the Lupus Boreas arena. Climb up the tiny bluff surrounding the arena to the right of the arena entryway you can find Hilichurl there.

Genshin Impact Unusual Hilichurls

The Arena’s Entrance, the second location.

There are also chances to get the Unusual Hilichurl at the entrance of the Arean of Wolvendom. Lots of players claim that obtain the hilichurl there in their pathway.

Windrise: To the left of the Statue of the Seven is the first huge tree

The next location to find Unusual Hilichurl is Windrise. You needed to head to the Statue of the Seven in Windrise and circle nearby to the back of the huge tree. There you may find the Hilichurl that napping peacefully in the shape of the tree. You can wake him up to get rewards.

how to find Unusual Hilichurls

To the right of the Statue of the Seven, second at the large tree.

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The location is the same as the huge three in the Windrise. All you needed is to go to the right of the statue of the seven in Windrise.

Stormterror’s Lair: Southwest of the archon statue on a bridge

Unusual Hilichurls in genshin impact

This is another location to find the Unusual Hilichurl. You’ll need to head to the center of the Stormterror’s Lair. Go to the Statue of the Seven in the region and simply fly down to the stone walkway. There hundred percent chance that you find the Hilichurl there.

Unusual Hilichurl in Liyue Locations

There are a total of 8 locations in Genshin Impact where you can encounter the Unusual Hilichurl in Liyue.

Liyue Harbor: A Mountain Northeast

Unusual Hilichurls all locations

You needed to teleport to the Waypoint above the mountains overlooking Liyue Harbor and climb to the summit. Possibly, you will find the Unusual Hilichurl that may be lounging out near the Seelie Court in the Liyue Harbor.

Qingyun Peak:

where is the unusual hilichurl

This is the second next location in Liyue where you can get Hilichurl. To get it head to the waypoint above the Qingyun Peak mountain and then fly downwards in the path you’ll get the Hilichurl without a doubt.

Qingce Village:

defeat the unusual hilichurl within the designated time

You will need to head to the waypoint to the right of Qingce Village and after that fly across the water to the flowers field. You will get an Unusual Hilichurl that will be hanging on the very edge of the single yellow flower areas.

Tianqiu Valley: West of the closest teleporter

Place to find unusual hilichurl

If you cannot able to find the Unusual Hilichurl until now in Liyue then this time you will definitely get it. Go to the waypoint given next to the Tianqiu Valley and move towards the west directly into the ruins. Where you might find an Hilichurl lounging out the rain next to the water.

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Cuijue Slope:

defeat the unusual hilichurl

Go to the Waypoint to the south of Cuijue Slope and then fly inside it. The Unusual Hilichurl will be near the stone circle in the center of the area.

Lingju Pass: Near the teleporter

 unusual hilichurl

Travel to the waypoint of the Lingju Pass in the right direction. After this fly inside the entrance, and You may find the Unusual Hilichurl that may look out over the very cliff next to the green tent in the area.

Mingyun Village: Located near the Seven Statue

unusual hilichurl locations

Visit the Seven Statues available between Mingyun Village and Yaoguang Shoal. Now fly over to the top of the mountain that has grass at the top with flaming flowers, There you may find the Unusal Hilichurl.

Stone Gate: East of the teleporter

unusual hilichurl locations

This is one of the hardest places because its hikes up a tall mountain. Teleport to the waypoint in Stone Gate, well there are multiple ways to claim the mountain but the most effective method is to head to the left direction and use the smaller cliff for claiming the mountain. At the top of the mountain, you will find the Unusual Hilichurl.

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