Dune Spice Wars How To Use Airfield

It’s crucial to understand how to employ Airfields in Dune: Spice Wars. As you begin, you will not have a large army to protect your enormous region. This is why you’ll need a handy method to rapidly transfer them across settlements so you’re always prepared.

The primary problem with generating enough units to protect your numerous settlements is that you will run out of resources. While you can store some when you’re overproducing, the upkeep will eventually catch up with you. Not to mention that additional elements such as Command Points expand the size of your army.

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How to Build Airfields in Dune Spice Wars

While many constructions in Dune: Spice Wars necessitate researching technology/developments, Airfields do not. As long as you have the proper materials, you should be able to construct this structure right away. Unless your town gets the Handymen perk, which reduces building construction costs by -20%, the cost should be the same.

  • 255 Plascrete
  • 2 Fuel Cells
  • Upkeep includes Solari, Plascrete, Manpower, and Fuel Cells
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Upkeep costs seem to vary depending on how many Airfields you have built.

How to Transport Units Using Airfields

If you’ve previously constructed one in a settlement, get your units within range of it. By default, the overlay will not be turned on to display their range. I propose zooming out until the map changes and six buttons appear in the bottom center of your screen. The sixth one on the right enables Airfield ranges regardless of whether you’re zoomed in or out.

This greatly simplifies determining which villages have one built and how near you need to get. When your unit or group of troops is within range, glance at the window in the bottom left corner. This window has two buttons in the upper right corner. Before you click any of the buttons, be sure you know what they are.

Even if you don’t have the Airfield filter activated, pressing the Shuttle button will activate it. Then, to go there, simply click within one of those circles. It is vital to know that your units will not teleport there instantly. They’ll still have to take shuttles there, which shouldn’t take too long.

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That’s how to use Airfields in Dune Spice Wars as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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