Lost Ark Erasmos Island Token, Seeds, Location, Guide

Lost Ark Erasmos Island: In the lost ark, there are many islands where you can find the tokens, Mokoko seed, hidden stories, and many other things. Some of the islands are visible at any time and some of the islands appear during the event time.

Further, some of the activities on the island are possible only during the island. On the island there you can complete the various activities which might be part of the storyline or just explore the game. Furthermore, during the event time, you have to face PVP battles on the Erasmos island.

Here you can go through how to get the lost ark Erasmo’s island token. And other important things about Erasmos island.

Erasmo’s Island Location Lost Ark

There are two main points from where you can reach the erasmos island location. Erasmos island is located on the east side of the lost ark map and just southeast of the north vern coast. The other location is south of drumbeat island and above the Shangra location.

You can reach from either of the locations. To get Erasmo’s island token you have to first reach there and complete different activities there. This island is permanent in a lost ark.

To reach the island first you have to level up till you get the ship in the lost ark further we will recommend you to before visiting erasmos island upgrade your item to 460.

To get the erasmos island token you will have to defeat the boss there so to defeat the boss easily and in go then go to the island after completing the 460 item level.

lost ark erasmos island

How To Get The Erasmos island Token In Lost Ark?

To get the token first you have to go to the island then on the island, you have to defeat the boss erasmos there. There is one difficulty on the island to defeat the boss. The boss erasmos only spawn three times a day on erasmos island.

To know the spawn you have to set the timer there. In the top left corner of the screen you will be able to see the alarm clock icon there. Click on that icon and you can view the spawn time of boss erasmos. Also on the island, you will not be alone.

There will be lots of other players waiting to get the erasmos island token. Nonetheless, you can change the game channel in the top-right if there aren’t enough.

When the time ends for erasmos, a quest will start for all players who are taking part to get the erasmos token. To do this you have to first play the song resonance 15 times.

To get the song you can purchase it from Treasure Hunter Igran on the deck ship of Plessia island. Once the song is complete for a time the lost ark boss erasmos will spawn in and the fight will commence.

Appearance and Attack of the Erasmos Boss Erasmos island in Lost Ark

When you play the resonance song for continues 15 times. Erasmo’s boss will appear from the sea. The boss has four legs and a tail. The tail is the attacking skill of erasmos boss.

The erasmos monster boss will swipe his tail against you or will cast the lightning bolts against you. But it is not so hard. You can dodge the attack of the monster and win the battle.

Rewards you will receive after defeating the Erasmos boss on erasmos island lost ark

When you defeat the lost ark boss erasmos on erasmos island, you will receive the island token erasmos token.

There is one other thing, the whole thing is based on RNG. to complete it you are required to further participate in a few quests. When you defeat boss Erasmos lost ark you will receive the Erasmos card too.

Location of the Mokoko Seed in Erasmos island in Lost Ark

In erasmos island other than the erasmos token there are two mokoko seeds available. Both the seeds are located in the same place you don’t require to search the different seeds.

Both the seeds are located on the south side of the map. When you reach the southern side of the map, look for the seeds near shore in the grass. Both seeds will be available near the shore in the grass.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to how to get the Lost Ark Eramos island with complete information.

How to reach the erasmos island in lost ark?

The place is quite easy to reach, you will need the ship to sail and the location of the island. The island is located on the east side of the lost ark map and just southeast of the north vern coast. To reach the island and win the boss you will need to acquire a minimum of 460 item levels.

How will erasmos monster appear on the island’s in lost ark?

To fight the erasmos monster first you have to invite erasmos on the island. When you constantly play the song resonance for 15 times the boss will appear from the ocean and you can check the alarm clock on the top left side of the screen.

Will I get the erasmos token instantly after defeating the erasmos boss on the island in lost ark?

This is RNG based so you have to further complete a few quests to get the erasmos token on erasmos island.

What other thing will I find from the erasmos island in lost ark?

On the island when you defeat the boss you will get the erasmos token. Other than this you will get the erasmos card and two mokoko seeds from the southern side of the map.

Is it compulsory to collect the mokoko seed from the erasmos island lost ark?

Yes, in the lost ark you have to collect a total of 1210 mokoko seeds to trade with other things. So to complete all parts of the game you will require to find the mokoko seed. If you don’t get the mokoko seeds now then you have to come back again to get the seed only.

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