Lost Ark: How to Unlock All Skill Points

In the vast and enchanting world of Lost Ark, mastering your character’s skills is essential for success. Skill points are crucial in enhancing your abilities and unleashing devastating attacks.

In this guide, we’ll explore how to unlock all skill points, with a special emphasis on the Wisdom Isle Assistant Librarian, a valuable resource for skill development.

Skill points are acquired as you progress through the game, allowing you to unlock and upgrade various abilities for your character. Each class has its unique skill tree, offering a wide range of skills, passives, and ultimate abilities.

Unlocking all skill points is vital for maximizing your character’s potential. In Lost Ark, you can earn skill points by upgrading the levels of your combat hero. In the game, when you reach level 50, you can grab 252 points. After the 60th level, you can have more than 60 points, with that, you can earn 312 skill points

Lost Ark Guide
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How to unlock Greater Skill Potion in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, You can acquire five greater skill potions, and that can get you 6 Skill Points. Here we have listed information on the 5 Greater Skill Potions of the Lost Ark.

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Skill PotionsSourceLocationAdditional Information
1Collect 20 Island SoulsOpher, the Lonely Island NPC: Grandpa Opher
2Adventure’s TomePunika80% Completion
3Collect 8 Ignea Tokens Any Major CityNPC Generally in Tavern
4Collect 2 Omnium Star PointsNia Village NPC: Albion
5Collect 6 Omnium Star PointsNia Village NPC: Albion

How to Unlock Normal Skill Potions in Lost Ark?

In Lost Ark, there are 22 Normal Skill Potions; you can get them at the Arkesia. Here we have listed Normal Skill Potions of Lost Ark as per the Challenges, Locations, and Rewards.

Normal Skill Potions: Adventure Skill Potions

Skill PotionLocationsCompletion 
1East Luteraa70%
10North Vern60%

Normal Skill Potion: Tower Challenge

Skill PotionsLocationFloor

Normal Skill Potions: By Collecting Collectibles

Skill PotionCollectibles Required
44 Giant’s Hearts
56 Giant’s Hearts
910 Giant’s Hearts
1112 Giant’s Hearts

Normal Skill Potions: Reputation Rewards

Skill PotionReputation NameLocationUNA Task
8Choir TowerWhispering Islet2xWhispering Minuet3xWhispering Resonance5xWhispering Heavens

Normal Skill Potions: By Completing the Quest

Skill PotionsQuest NameLocationAdditional Info
3Return TipLake Shiver WaveRequire Reputation Repairing the Seal Site to Unlock
6Those Buried In the Dark GroundsKalajaRequire MSQ Will to be Completed
7The Last Melody of a Requiem Kalaja Required 70% Feiton Adventure Tome for Levi’s Letter
12Eternal Love Nia Village Complete Quest Letters to Punika Hidden to unlock
18A Light Cast Over the Dark FieldsLuterra CastleQuest Chain that Starts with Memories of Luterra at Thirain in Luterra Castle
19Eggs In the SKyTwilight MistsQuest Chain That Starts with Wondourous Find at Cadri in Port City Changhun
20[ Awakening ] The SunsetTwilight IsleAwakening Quest Chain. Starts with Journey Strange Mail in Rohendel. Require MSQ Ratik.
21The Hidden Rober Frozen SeaQuest Chain Starts with The Wayward Son from Old Pendant which is found while killing in Sunshire
22The Stone of PowerSerenity IsleQuest Chain that starts with Who’s There? From piled materials on Serenity Isle

Wisdom Isle Assistant Librarian

In, Lost Ark You can earn skill Potions by completing Wisdom Isle. Wisdom Isle, Assistant Librarian will help you to get through the Wisodm Isle and unlock more Skill Points in Lost Ark. You can find Wisdom Isle Assistant Librarian at the Grand Library. As you reach there, you have to clear some quest, given by Assitant Librarian. 

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How to Keep Track of Your Potion Skill in Lost Ark?

If you don’t know how to keep track of your Potion Skill. You can do it by pressing ALT+D. It’s a hotkey when you press that on the screen, you can see the Lost Ark Codex.

As you open the Lost Ark Codex press ALT+D and you will have all Skill Potion lists in front of you. Other than you can do it From the Permanent Stat Increase – Skills. You can find that option under your character Growth menu. 

As you open the Lost Ark Codex, you will have a list of skill potions that you acquire and not. 


Here we have discussed how to get all the Lost Ark Skill Points and discussed the wisdom isle assistant librarian. You have to head to the Grand Library where you will find the Assistant Librarian. Then after you need to complete the few quests and you will have skill points. 

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