Elden Ring: They Didn’t Seem Right Choice Guide

The Elden Ring is a dark fantasy action RPG set in a world of dangerous magic, ancient mysteries, and villainous cults. Players get into the role of a nameless hero who wakes up in an unknown land with no memory of their presence there.

It is up to them to explore the mysterious place and unravel its secrets. The game offers many features that the players can pick and choose from. There are some cases in which “They didn’t seem right” or “They were magnificent” can be difficult to decide. In these cases, understand the context of the situation and make an educated decision.

So, in this article, we will explore a question that we felt was critical for you to think about: What should you choose between “They didn’t seem right” or “They were magnificent”?

Elden Ring: Overview

Elden Ring game is a dark fantasy open-world ARPG developed by FromSoftware, a Japanese developer. The game has no specific storyline, and the players take part in an immersive epic journey.

The gameplay is based on fighting with weapons and magic. The player must fight through various dangers to reach their goal – awakening the titular Elden Ring.

The Elden Ring game supports multiplayer co-op through Xbox Live. Elden Ring was released on Steam and is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

You can explore the open world in first-person or on horseback while completing quests to earn experience points and loot. It is an action RPG by FromSoftware, known for creating the Dark Souls series.

The game tells a dark fantasy story about an ancient curse that plunges the player into a world of monsters, magic, and mysteries. The gameplay of Elden Ring is split between exploration, combat, and story-telling.

The story unfolds through various in-game cut scenes with voice acting performed by the game’s writers. The game’s storyline is about an amnesiac hero who wakes up in an unfamiliar realm with no recollection of their past life, armed only with their weapons and formidable skills as they explore vast landscapes, solve puzzles, battle foes and uncover the truth about themselves.

Elden Ring Features: –

  • Solve puzzles and challenging combat encounters
  • Explore unique characters who help you on your journey
  • Interact with NPCs in various locales across the map
  • Play solo or join with friends to group up for co-op quests
  • Discover exciting new places every time you play
they didnt seem right elden ring

Which one to choose:-“They didn’t seem right” or “They were magnificent”?

To get this quest for Varre, firstly, players must defeat one of several demi-gods and encounter Two-Fingers in the Hold of the Roundtable. When you go to the Rose church, you will have the two choices you have to choose.

The man there will ask you about the Two Fingers, and you can only say either of these: they didn’t seem right, or They were magnificent. What do you choose when there is a dilemma between two choices?

You could go with your gut feeling or go with the facts. It’s not always easy to decide, but it’s important to make sure you don’t make the wrong choice. So, Let’s find out which one you should pick from these options:

If you choose They Didn’t Seem Right

This is the main choice that the person wanted to hear. He will quickly agree with you and say that you will meet again. He will also hand over some of the fingers you may use to invade other people’s worlds. But I haven’t found him again; I’ll update you if I do.

If you choose They Were Magnificent

He will see that he has taught you all that you should need to know. He will also tell you to be just on your way.

If you will talk to him again, you will be able to change your mind and talk bad stuff about the fingers. He will like this thing of yours, and also, he will give you the items needed. Varré will agree with you if you say this, and you can have a chat with him once again to obtain the prompt a second time. This decision is mostly irrelevant.

In both these cases, you’ll have the fingers, no matter what you choose. But if you choose the first choice and say, “They didn’t seem right” to him, you’ll get the quest from him, and also, you’ll acquire the Bloody Finger when you complete the quest.

So, if you want to have the white faced Varre’s quest and want to get the bloody finger, choose ‘They didn’t seem right.’ That’s all which you should need to know about the choices you need to make in Rose Church of Elden Ring.

Also, we suggest you go with the choice number 1 “They didn’t seem right” to get a side key quest and an important key item of Elden Ring. But if you have the urge to try out the different results, you can go with the “They were magnificent” option.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Elden Ring They Didn’t Seem Right with complete information.

What happens if you say they didn’t seem right Elden Ring?

Players must select “They didn’t feel right” to continue Varré’s questline and receive more dialogue from him. This decision, though, is mostly irrelevant. Varré will feign agreement with you if you say “They were magnificent,” and you can chat with him again to get the prompt a second time.

Do you say they didn’t seem right or were magnificent Elden rings?

This is the correct response to the NPC’s question. If you select ‘They were Magnificent,’ he will lecture you on all you need to know before telling you to go. If you talk badly about the fingers to him again, he’ll give you the fingers. You’ll have the fingers in both circumstances.

What happens if you touch the two fingers Elden Ring?

You can approach and touch the Two Fingers in the room once Enia conveys the message of the Two Fingers. You will be rewarded with the Rapture gesture if you do so.

What happens if you invade white mask Varre?

There will be a blood stain on the floor just inside the neighboring archway. Invade White Mask Varre’s universe by interacting with it. Then, in the region ahead, defeat Varre to earn a Rune Arc and Furlcalling Finger Remedy. Return to your own world and converse with White Mask Varre, who is lying in front of you, until he dies.

How do I get a three finger Elden Ring?

In order to get three Fingers In Elden Ring you need to obtain access, go to your menu and de-equip all of your weapons and armour, though you can keep your talismans on. Following that, a cutscene will play as you slowly open the door and discover the Three Fingers locked inside.

This is the end of the guide.

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