Egg of Creation Lost Ark Quest Full Beginners Guide

This article covers all information related to egg of creation Lost Ark quest.

Through this article we will try our best to guide you step by step with everything that you should need to know to finish  Totoikis’ Dream: Creation in Lost Ark and after finishing Level No 38 and also completing the Totoikis’ Dream: Creation quest you can play this game.

The Totoikis’ Dream: Creation- Full Guide in details

In the Toto Silver Island which you can find below to the Pleccia island, you will be able to locate the available Totoikis’ Dream: Creation.

And here comes the main important information that you have to finish quest no 33 and you should also need to know that this is named Time for Treatment and you also need to know that you have to collect “Heart’s Melody” song of Tortoyk’s questioned before you start traveling to Toto Silver Island.

Egg of Creation Location In Lost Ark
Egg of Creation Location

And then all you need to do is sail to the Toto Silver Island and also if you want to begin the quest you need to speak with the Toto Elder to start the quest.

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And in this quest, you will be able to find a player who will help the Toto Elder to hatch the Eggs of Creation for sure.

And you will be able to remember the important technique of two spoons of ignorance, seven spoons of cuteness, three spoons of sturdiness and many many more for the Egg with the help of this Toto Elder.

Egg of Creation Location in Lost Ark

 Lost Ark Egg of Creation
Egg of Creation

The Emote: Frustrated book is highly needed to collect after finishing the quest chain. Whenever you will find the quest begins you have to just finish the dialogue with Egg of creation and resolve it perfectly also we would like to inform you that the Egg of creation is mainly a small talkable Egg that you are able to find near Toto Elder.

egg of creation lost ark quest
Egg of Creation In Inventory

Have to be Mindful of Toto Elder- Full Details

When you complete the conversation with Egg of creation you need to head back to and you will be asked to play a song which is probably the Heart’s Melody and after that, the quest will be ended. And finally, you will be able to open your own inventory and also be able to interact with the book Emote: Frustrate to learn the gesture.

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FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the egg of the creation shell in Lost Ark?

 At the particularly northern edge of the Body of Tortoyk Dungeon, you just have to  climbing the cliff toward Tortoyk Village and right before the Tortoyk Village you will find the egg of the creation shell in Lost Ark.

What is the exact process of getting the Frustrated Emote in Lost Ark

If you can complete the quest named as The Totoikis’ Dream Creation then you can claim the Frustrated Emote in Lost Ark.

In which place can I discover the Roar emote in Lost Ark?

If you want to get Roar to emote in Lost Ark then you have to visit the Freedom Isle and speak to Blackfang.

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