Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map Extraction Points (2024)

Escape From Tarkov game has several maps, including Factory, Customs, Woods, Shoreline, Interchange, The Lab, Reserve, and Hideout. In a short guide, I explain all the extraction points for PMC and Spawns for the Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map with complete information.

The interchange map of Escape from Tarkov is basically the massive shopping mall with multiple small stores of weapons, jewelry, electronics and more. The first floor of the shopping mall is the location of the Scav Boss named Killa.

If you are able to defect the Killa you can able to get a Maska 1Sch helmet, 6B13 M assault armour and more. Due to the presence of the Killa, the Interchange map is popular among the player and it makes the map very unsafe for solo Raiders.

Interactive Map of Escape from Tarkov Interchange

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All The Extraction and Exit Points In Interchange Map

Interchange Map 1
Interchange Map


The EMERCOM Medical Unit is an extraction point near the southeastern part of the Interchange map. More important the two spawn points are nearly located in this area. So you need to be careful while choosing the extraction point.

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The railway is lodged in a southwestern corner and it is the center of the map. To get there safely choose the cross a highway, enter a small forest or pass a building site. These all can be dangerous and don’t leave your guard until you reach the extraction point.


The Power Station extraction point is a single-use and it costs 5,000 rubles per player. Important thing is that this point can be used once per raid with a maximum of four PMC players. You need to be there when the vehicle leaves (60 seconds) but you can walk away by simply lookup your extraction and start showing the countdown.


The Hole is the Fence is the closest extraction point on the west side of the interchange map. It is very close to the underground car park entrance and is marked by a red container with old barrels.

You can’t extract at this point if you leave your backpack behind. so you have to choose whether your loot or a simple escape is more important.

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The SCAV Camp is located at the central west entrance of the ULTRA Mall on the Interchange map. In order to extract there will be both players SCAV and PMC together. It can be challenging for you if you come to cross a random player for extraction.


The Saferoom is a complicated one-way exit that requires a few hoops. You must first reach the power station in the southwest corner and power the entire ULTRA centre.

Then you need to head up to the Burger Spot store on the second floor. Here the urinal in the men’s toilets is flushed and a control panel is revealed. The Object #11SR keycard needs to be swiped next.

The secret safe room is opened in the underground car park. Look for a yellow van with dual handheld lighting. Your exfil and the switch to open the container of object 14 are inside the safe room.

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Escape fromTarkov Interchange Map
interchange map tarkov

Killa Interchange Boss

Killa’s a high-risk fighting boss. He has very hard armour that is specially decorated for him. His weapons can be awesome and his throwing grenades can end your race easily.

Hunting them unceasingly if he spots a player. Killa patrols around ULTRA Mall’s first floor and can be found in the vicinity of KIBA. Bring high-penetration weapons to his extremely hard armour. The value of killing Killa is completely in his gear, all of which is extremely useful or precious.

Final Words:

Hopefully you find this article helpful to understand all extraction points of the Escape from Tarkov Interchange Map with compete information. For from similar to tips you can read our Escape From Tarkov Guides including the Escape from Tarkov Woods Map and more.