Top 15 Minecraft Sex Mods (2024)

In this article, I will state the top Sex Mods in Minecraft that you can use and download but keep in mind that you should proceed at your own risk while downloading these. I do not guarantee or take any responsibility for these mods. 

Minecraft is used for several purposes, such as artistic expression, education, or playing together with your friends. The game has several mods that give you the freedom to create. The moderators are available on any topic. The gaming community has now come up with sex mods for the game.

Minecraft Sex Mods

Here are the top 15 Minecraft sex mods 

15. Custom NPCs 

The first mod on the list is not necessarily a sex mod, but you can create any kind of NPC while using this mod in Minecraft. You can interact with the NPC however you want to.

14. Girl Kingdom

This mod allows you to have s*xual interactions with the enemy mobs themselves. There are several features you can use for this interaction.

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13. The Models for Figura!

This mod is at a higher level than others. This mod will allow you to view female models without any clothing. There are also female textures that include male body parts. Dress both male and female characters and modify the body parts.

12. Nude Male/Female Parts Mods 

This mod allows the layers to remove the clothing of both female and male models, and you can also modify their body parts by enhancing them and creating unique body features.

11. FFC Texture Mod 

The FFC Texture is a mod that will help you make the enemy you’re encountering very interesting. It allows you to change the enemies’ textures and give them various female features you can enhance.

You can also give the enemy features of both males and females.

10.u N*dity Mod

This mod is one of the simpler ones that allows you to change female textures. This mod will allow you to remove female clothing and view n*ked models.

9. Lewd Resource Pack

This mod allows you to put animated Japanese figures in Lewd scenarios, and you can put these pictures to decorate your furniture in the game.

You can customize these figures by changing their combat noises into sexy noises.

8. MC Sex

This mod is for people who would like sexual activity in the game but have no interest in watching it, as it has no animations.

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The mod will allow you to interact uniquely with female moderators in houses designated for these activities.

7. Lewd-Craft

Several mods will make you interact with the enemy. The Lew-Craft is also one of them. The specific mod will allow you to change the enemy mob’s appearance.

You get various customization options, and you can choose whatever you wish. This mod will take a lot of your resources if more than one enemy appears on the screen.

6. Girl Kindom 

This mod is also one of the ones where you can interact with the enemy. There are different ways you can interact with an enemy, but this mod will help you have sexual interaction with the enemy if that is what you prefer.

5. Minecraft Texture Pack Big T**** N*dity

This Minecraft texture pack will replace nearly every crafting element with imagery of n*ked or almost na*ed women. This mod can be used when you are building literally anything in the game.

4. Thich Optfine Playermode 

This is a simple mode. The thick optifine player mode will change the player model for one with more curves than Steve or Alex.

There are various outfits you can choose from. This one doesn’t have any overly sex*al effects aside from the model’s appearance.

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3. Pretty Flesh 

This one is an older mod. This mod wasn’t completed in Version 1.0 of the game. This is the most graphic mod in the game. Though there aren’t any animations with this mod.

This mod features the act of summoning or creating a n*de female model with which you can interact. You can also name the model that will be part of the interaction. You can do pretty much anything you want with it.

2. SchnurriTV’s Sexmod Official

The second last mod is one of the best-known mods in terms of sexual encounters in Minecraft. What’s so different about this mod?

There are specific locations where you can explicitly use this mod. This mod will allow you to have sexual encounters with various female characters. There are special discord servers that will help you configure this mod if you are having any difficulty

1. Jenny Mod 

The top Minecraft Sex mod on the list is the Jenny Mod. The Jenny Mod is for players who want interaction with a single female character. You can customize Jenny’s appearance however you wish. If you pay Jenny, you can perform actions with her. 

The amount of money you must pay depends on what action you want to take with her. Jenny is one of the best mods in terms of sexual animation.