Best Hiding Places in Among Us

Here are some of the best hiding places in Among Us that you can try in the Hide & Seek game.

Whether it’s crouching behind empty crates in the corner of a room or hiding behind barrels, any cover can effectively try to avoid Jason Sense’s ability.

Many players use Popular Hideout as there are many stalls to hide in, which can sometimes make Jason Voorhees helpless. Let this guide tell you where to hide on each map, how successful you’ll be at this stage, and how to slip through the cracks in Jason Voorhees’ mind.

So, in this article, we present the best hideouts in Among Us that can be extremely useful for teammates and impostors alike.

Why are Hiding Places used in Among Us?

Large caches have recently appeared in it to hide as teammates and to assassinate impostors. There are also many places where camouflage can be used to blend in and avoid capture.

Throughout the game, you can stay hidden in the background with the proper disguise. There are many areas in this stage with lots of grass and trees where you can use disguise to hide in the background and stay invisible for the whole round.

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There are many hidden nooks and crannies to hide in at this stage. A famous hideout only increases the chances of a power outage, which means that consultants (especially in black clothes) can go unnoticed.

Some covers are so good that sometimes it’s worth the risk if you run out the door fast enough, even if an impostor enters the room. Since impostors’ vision is limited, hiding in plain sight is the best way to avoid being seen.

best hiding places in among us
Best Hiding Places in Among Us

List of Best Hiding Spots Among Us

Here we have listed some of the best hiding spots that you can use in Among Us game.

The Skeld: Communications Room

Another great place to hide in Among Us: Skeld is the Communications Room. Skeld doesn’t have much cover, but there is a spot in the communications room where, once the player enters, they can hide behind an oversized chair in front of two giant monitors.

This stash does not entirely hide the avatar, but it makes it difficult to identify other players who have entered the chat room.

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The Skeld: Floating Crate

At the top of the Skeld map, a rotating floating crate can be used as a quick cover. As for the cover, finding it on this map isn’t easy, as most rooms or corridors don’t have blind spots where players can hide.

The Skeld: Behind the Reactor

Behind the chair would be number one if you could hide your name. The Reactor Room is an exciting hideout in Among Us, and it goes great with the white colour. You can hide behind a shelf in your closet to make it harder for other players to see you.

Mira HQ: Behind the Satellite in the Balcony

On the Mira Headquarters map in Among Us, there is a satellite in the balcony with an excellent hiding place. This can be a great hiding place to ambush unsuspecting teammates or escape an impostor.

Mira HQ: Behind the Shelf in Storage

To avoid being killed or waiting for unsuspecting teammates, a big part of the game for impostors and teammates alike is hiding in safe places, like behind this Shelf in Mira Headquarters, to avoid being killed or waiting for unsuspecting teammates.

Both imposters and teammates in Among Us use good covers, so learning the best will likely increase player win rates.

Polus: Satellite Tower

There is a satellite tower to hide for the Pole map so that you won’t be immediately discovered. The best cover comes in handy if you want to catch unsuspecting teammates or want to cover after a kill.

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Given the location, this is one hideout on the Polus map, which is more beneficial for teammates than impostors.

As you need to sabotage, kill, and hide in vents while pretending to be a teammate, you also need to know which hideouts are the best in Among Us.

These are all the positions you can use while playing hide-and-seek with friends online or in local multiplayer.

These dumpsters and port pots are scattered throughout Fortnite in the form of trash cans and port pots, which we have tried to display above carefully – this is not an exhaustive list, but it gives you more than enough of them to get along.

This is the end of this short guide.

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