Best Hiding Places in Among Us

places to hide in among us

Here are some of the best hiding places in Among Us that you can try in the Hide & Seek game. Whether it’s crouching behind empty crates in the corner of a room or hiding behind barrels, any cover can effectively try to avoid Jason Sense’s ability. Many players use Popular Hideout as there are … Read more

How To Play Among US Unblocked on PC?

among us unblocked

Unblocked Games refer to video games that you can easily access on a secured firewall. In simple words, most schools, colleges, and offices were installing security on their computers. To prevent users to play video games online. But the Unblocked Games can easily access on any computer with the help of the internet. Among us, … Read more

How To Be Perfect Imposter In Among Us?

how to be imposter in among us

The Among Us is one of the most popular multiplayer games that is divided into two members, one is a crewmate and another one is an imposter. The role of a crewmember is to complete the given task in the game and survive till the last. The role of an imposter is to kill crewmates … Read more