Persona 5 Confidant Guide: Death (Tae Takemi)

Fighting Shadows is a risky job, so having a doctor who can offer healing items and consumables is beneficial. Fortunately, there’s a back-alley clinic a block away from Leblanc where Joker can acquire all the medication he needs from Tae Takemi, Persona 5 Royal’s Death confidant.


1RejuvenationIncreases the selection of healing items at the clinic.
3SterilizationAdds more healing items to the clinic.
5ImmunizationAdds support items to the inventory at the clinic.
7DiscountDecreases the price for all items sold at the clinic.
MAXResuscitationIncrease the selection of revival items at the clinic.

Rank 1

FollowupFine by me. +1Please go easy on me. +3So many pretty lights… +1

Rank 2

Response 1I have a bad heart. +2We’re on a date. +0I know my rights. +0
Response 2I agree. +2Harassment? +0The Plague? +0
FollowupI’m totally fine. +2I feel lightheaded +0I think I have superpowers +2

Rank 3

Response 1What was that about? +0Was that an emergency? +0
Response 2A medical error? +0What do you mean? +0
Response 3I don’t mind. +2Is it true? +0I need the medicine. +2
FollowupOf course not. +2I don’t think I did… +0Have you? +0

Rank 4

Response 1You’ll be OK. +0Dr. Takemi will help. +2
Response 2You seem happy. +3You’re so kind. +2Why free? +2
FollowupI’ll reflect on my mistakes +2But she ended up okay. +0Punish me more. +0

Rank 5

Response 1They trust you. +0Was it really your fault? +0
Response 2I had no idea. +0It’s not too late. +0
Response 3That’s good. +3When will it be done? +2… “Probably”? +0
FollowupAbout Miwa-chan? +2About Oyamada? +0About Crawford-Ende’s? +0

Rank 6

Response 1Well, someone’s popular. +0You seem annoyed. +0Did something happen? +0
Response 2Having fun? +0You ARE a genius. +0
Response 3You’re a masochist. +0It suits you. +3You’re not honest. +2
FollowupYou can count on me. +2I think I’m at my limit… +0Anything for you. +2

Rank 7

Response 1This is harassment. +2She’s a great doctor. +2Please be quiet. +2
Response 2Don’t lose hope. +0Let’s ask for details. +0…… +0
Response 3Just rest for today. +2Anything I can do? +2Let’s retaliate. +0
Response 4It was inevitable. +0We all do sometimes. +3I’m glad you did. +2

Rank 7.5

Response 1What about Miwa-chan? +0You OK with this? +0
Response 2Don’t give up. +0Anything you can do? +0I’m your ally. +2
Response 3You gonna run away? +0And your patients? +0
Response 4What’s his full name? +0Tell me about him. +0
Response 5I won’t do anything. +0It’s for my research. +0

Rank 8

Response 1Miwa-chan is alive. +0Oyamada lied to you. +0
Response 2You should hurry. +2Let’s get to work, doctor. +3It’s not over yet. +3
Response 3It’s for Miwa-chan +3It’s for my exams. +2It’s for you. +3
FollowupI’ll be cheering you on. +2Don’t burn yourself out. +0Anything else I can do. +2

Rank 9

Response 1Don’t worry about it. +2It was for my exams. +2It was rough. +3
Response 2That’s troubling. +0And your patients? +0
Response 3I wanted to see you. +0 (ROMANCE)It was for my exams. +0 END
Response 4I love you. +2 (ROMANCE)What do you think? +0 END
Response 5It isn’t a joke. +3 (ROMANCE)That sounds good. +0
FollowupIt’s true love. +0So did you. +2I’ve always loved you.

That’s how to max Tae Takemi in Persona 5 Royal as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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