The Plate of Snowpoint Temple: Pokemon Guide

Pokemon Legends Arceus: ‘The Plate of Snowpoint Temple’ Guide During The Sleeping Lord of Tundra quest, you will have to track down Sabi for her to let you ride on Heruian Braviary.

After defeating Sabis Keeper, players may go through a door behind her to ascend the rooftops of the Snowpoint Temple to fight again, this time the Hisuian Braviary.

To make matters worse, Warden Sabi will drop three Pokemon at once, meaning players will also have to battle Magmortar and an Electivire, both level 30. The idea is simple; you have to poke at the Heatran just long enough to stun it, which creates an opening for you to send the Pokemon into battle, hoping to capture it.

The Plate of Snowpoint Temple Walkthrough

Upon players arriving in the Snowpoint Temple, players are faced with several statues inspired by three legendary titans. The three legendary titans inspire the statues.

The three legendary titans must solve several puzzles depending on where those statues are placed. As you walk towards the Temple, the Pearl Clansman will tell you the trick is to notice which direction the statues are looking.

Inside the Temple at Snowpoint, you will have to walk around the group of statues that have elements on their chests, determining the right sequence to use for a password. Players will have to locate the first statue on the existing floor to solve this puzzle related to the statues and then note which direction they are looking.

When heading into the Temple of Snowpoint the first time, players must solve the game’s largest puzzle to progress through every door.

Once you get to the Lunar View arena, head towards the pathway on the right side of the stairs; rather than taking those, you should find a door.

When you enter the main area, which is filled with six statues, three on each side, go right instead of left as when you first arrived, and you will go down the hallway, with patterned doors at the two ends. Investigate a large door when offered, and previous plates you collected will respond with this door.

Once you have collected all the plates, go up to the big door, and you will see that it responds to the three plates, and it will open, giving you access to a chamber located underneath the Temple at Snowpoint.

There is one more locked door within the Temple, located on the lower floor, head down the stairs leading down from the main hall. Once the last door is opened, you can go upstairs and face off against Sabi to continue your quest for the main story.

One of the items needed to open that door can be obtained only through the mission, which is given after completing the main story quest.

plate of snowpoint temple

Snowpoint Temple puzzle guide in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Sabae explained they could never make the door with patterns to open, but when approaching, the stone slab, iron slab, and crystal slab that you carry will react with the door.

Once you use the Iron Plate to open a door, you gain access to an underground arena, where Kresselia awaits. Accepting this quest from Kogita allows players to go through the door previously locked inside Alabaster’s Snowpoint Temple in Iceland.

You will get quest 24 (along with four others) upon speaking with Cogita in The Mythic Explorers quest in the post-game. Specifically, when players are making their way through Snowpoint Temple, they will encounter three locked doors that have panels with symbols representing rock, ice, and steel and will have to click on the panels in the right order to unlock each one.

To unlock a door, players will have to push the door panels corresponding to those symbols in the order in which they found them. Players are meant to look at the symbols on the front of a statue next to a door to find out the solution to each locked door.

After passing the initial sections of the shrine, players arrive at the first locked door. We will have three doors during this time, so below we have the solutions for every puzzle available in Snowpoint Temple:

Door 1: Rock, Steel, Ice

Door 2: Ice, Rock, Steel, Rock, Ice

Door 3: Steel, Ice, Rock, Ice, Steel, Rock Frequently Asked Questions

(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Pokemon Legends Arceus with complete information.

How will you open the Arceus’ door in Snowpoint Temple?

Go to the Snowpoint Temple, Alabaster Icelands, there is an entrance to the Temple, and you have to go inside. Then go downstairs to the first floor, where you will open the door and trigger a cutscene. The Stone, Iron, and Icicle Plates are required to open that door.

Which is the best plate for Arceus?

The Electric Plate is the most commonly used plate used for Arceus as it is Electric, and it is the only plate that is weak to the ground. It also protects from just about all of the other common moves in this game.

How to solve the puzzle of Snowpoint Temple We have already provided solutions to the puzzle, but it is also given below?

Door 1: Rock, Steel, Ice
Door 2: Ice, Rock, Steel, Rock, Ice
Door 3: Steel, Ice, Rock, Ice, Steel, Rock

How will you be able to get all the plates in Pokémon Legends?

Arceus Plates are the very crucial things in the game that can be gotten throughout the story of Pokemon Legends, and they are generally used to change the form of Arceus.

Who is Cogita Arceus in Pokemon Legends?

The character Cogita Arceus is based on Cynthia’s Pokémon on their back and their appearance in Pokemon Legends. This giant Pikachu has a striking resemblance to Cynthia, but their relationship is still not known by anybody.

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