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The Plate of Snowpoint Temple is one of the coolest missions in Pokemon Legends: Arceus and players lots of time face trouble during the missions.

Here we featured a walkthrough of Plate of Snowpoint Temple that helps players to understand how they can complete this mission without having much hassle.

Without wasting your time let’s focus on the guide.

plate of snowpoint temple

The Plate of Snowpoint Temple

The location where you can start the Plate of Snowpoint Temple is Alabaster Icelands and when you reach this location in the game. Your journey will start and you need to make your way back to the Snowpoint Temple by following the pathway.

Once you reach the Plate of Snowpoint Temple simply enter it and follow the tags till the end of the room where you will encounter the massive door. Once you reach this door you find the end room in the Plate of Snowpoint Temple.

You will encounter the Adaman and Sabi and guide about that this door is won’t open unless you. Both guide you to investigate when it was asked by the game machines and you plates that you’ve collected will automatically open the door for you.

After opening that massive door you need to move downstairs were you will encounter the Regigigas and to capture it you need to fight with Regigigas and make it weaker similar to the other pokemons that you’e captured in the game.

The Regigigas is an Normal-type Pokemon that was weak againt the Fighting and Water type Pokemon’s. So if you’ve fighiting type Pokemon then you can easily battle with Regigigas and capture it using the Poke Ball.

This is sum up for Plate of Snowpoint Temple guide for more interesting content do read our Pokemon Guides to get more useful information without having much hassle.

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