How To Pop Balloons in Hogwarts Legacy

Do you search for a guide on how to pop balloons in Hogwarts Legacy? Well, your search ends here.

If you getting confused and trying lots of spells to pop balloons hogwarts but none of them worked for you. Don’t worry at all, Here we cover a guide that shows how you can easily do that without much hassle.

Pop Balloons in Hogwarts Legacy

First of all, you need to unlock the Broom in the Hogwarts Legacy in order to pop Balloons.

To unlock the Broom you need to complete the “Flight Test” quest and then you can purchase the Broom for 600 Gold from the Spintwitches Sporting Needs. Below is the map that shows the location of the store location.

pop balloons hogwarts legacy
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In order to Pop Balloons in Hogwarts Legacy you need to use the Broom to fly to the Balloon but make sure not to fly too fast else you miss the Balloon that you prefer to Pop; Once you reach the Balloon simply hit it to make it pop.

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Control to Pop Balloon in Hogwarts Legacy

pop balloons hogwarts legacy location
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Below we mentioned the control for popping the Balloon for different gaming devices.

  • PC: Press the TAB + No.3 buttons to summon the Broom and Use the SPACE bar to fly and CTRL to land. To increase the Broom speed use the LEFT Click on Mouse.
  • Xbox: To summon the Broom, Press LB and B to use it
  • PlayStation: Press the L1 to summon and Cricle to equip.

Location of Balloons in Hogwarts Legacy

You will find a few balloons in the Hogsmeade Station for the first time and secondly, you can find them in the Quidditch Pitch. Here is the YouTube video created by WarbyGaming channel which has 32 locations of the Pop Balloons that can be helpful to complete the Pop Balloons quest in the game.

The quest to pop a balloon is given at Madam Kogawa’s first work quest and once you complete it you will unlock the Glacius spell. You can use this spell to freeze the object or mobs in the game.

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More importantly, popping the Balloon in the Hogwarts Legacy will grant you Experience Points along with Balloon cosmetics such as Wild Fire Broom and more.

Final Through

In Summary, first, you need to obtain the Broom by completing the Flight Test quest and then you can use the Broom to pop the Balloom you can find them in Hogsmeade Station and Quidditch Pitch. Simply fly towards the balloon at normal speed and hit it to make it pop.

Well, this is the end of how to make pop balloons in Hogwarts Legacy. For more relevant content such as changing character appearance and more do check our Hogwarts Legacy guides some are given below.

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