PlayStation 5 Slim: Release Date, Discount Price, and More

No, we don’t have to wait for the PS5 Slim like GTA 6. Make a space in your desk, now it’s time for the PlayStation 5 Slim to be your next console. Which will not ask for much of your space or money.

If you are planning to buy a new console, Sony Interactive Entertainment is introducing its latest device, PS 5 Slim. However, Sony’s PS5 was released 3 years back, in November 2020. The PS4 slim version nearly took 3 years after the release of PS4 in 2013. So, wait a little longer, and save some extra bucks to purchase the Sony’s PS5 Slim. 

Here is all for you to know about the PlayStation 5 Slim.

PS5 Slim 1
PlayStation 5 Slim

What is the PS5 Slim Version?

PS5 Slim will be a lighter version of the PS5. The size of the PS5 Slim consoles is comparatively smaller than the PS5 consoles. But the efficiency has nothing to do with the size, however, the output will be the same.

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There may be some changes in the particular specification of PlayStation 5. Like in PS4 Slim, the hard drive was about 1TB HDD and in PS4 it was about 500GB HDD, other features are additionally added in the PlayStation Slim version. 

When can we expect the PS5 Slim Release Date?

The PS5 Slim release date is not announced yet and also there are not any leaks or rumours spreading around. But, we analysed the PS4 Slim and PS4, where PS4 Slim was released in 2016 and PS4 in 2013.

We are guessing the same will go with the PS5 Slim. Assuming the PS5 release date at the end of 2023, either in November or around Festival Season, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. We are hoping that the PS5 Slim will be released soon, but if there is no competition with Xbox or another console, it might get delayed too. 

PlayStation 5 Slim Price

Expected PlayStation 5 Slim price may be around 399$ or more than that. However, the only major difference will be in the appearance of the PS5 Slim. The PS5 cost us around $499.99 in the US and the PS5 Digital Edition is around $399.99.

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There might be some discount Sony can offer if it releases around the PS5 anniversary or a festival season discount. However, you might have to stretch your pocket to buy the PS5 Slim in 2023. 

How will the PlayStation 5 Slim look?

We won’t be able to paint a picture about PlayStation 5 Slim Edition, but for sure we can say it will be a trimmed version of the PS5.

The volume will be smaller, occupy less space and run efficiently. Further, to get a broad idea related to PS5 Slim, you can compare PS4 and PS4 Slim editions. You will notice a major change look-wise. 


There are no release dates, updates, or leaks, so we won’t share some delusional information with our readers. All we can say is to manage your expectations. If you are looking for a switch we suggest you wait till the end of the year.

sony Playstation 4 slim storesNonetheless, it might be released in 2023 to dominate the market and crush the competition. Sony Interactive Entertainment won’t take much time to release the PS5 Slim. 

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