Things To Do Before Burning The Erdtree in Elden Ring

Things to do before burning the erdtree? Elden Ring has a whole world where you can complete different quests, spells, gears, weapons, and a lot to explore. Some of the locations are very hard to find and need constant effort to get there. In order to end the game you need to burn the erdtree. Before burning the tree you should make sure to complete every side mission.

The tree after it gets burned would lock most of the quests and missions and you would not be able to move forward with the missions. Thus, there are a lot of things that you should see before burning the erdtree. In this article, we will be completely focusing on important things you should do before you burn the erdtree.

Why Burn the Erdtree and after effects

In order for you to move to the final plot of the game you need to burn the erdtree. You do not have a second option but to burn the tree. It is the final way in order to reach the last fight. Thus, completing important things before burning the tree is crucial, as after you burn the tree, the missions are not reachable.

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You can light up the tree by yourself or you may ask Melina to burn the erdtree. After you burn the erdtree, the first thing you will notice is the rename of the Royal Capital of Leyndell to the Ashen Capital. After you burn the erdtree you will notice that most of the NPCs disappear.

Only Roderika and Smith will not vanish. Thus, you will not be able to revisit the missions and every mission will be discarded.

Things to do before burning the erdtree

Before you burn the erdtree you should always check all the missions and complete the missions you are interested in. Before you burn the erdtree, some other important points should be kept in mind. You should investigate the district which is the Royal Capital as well as the sewers.

You should not forget to take the capital’s legendary spear. Also, take the Gransax Bolt weapon. In order to get the Rune of perfect order, you need to finish the Goldmask and Corhyn. You should also look to complete the Dung eater questline.

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Things to do after burning the erdtree

As soon as you burn the erdtree, you will be taken to the Farum Azul. This is known to be a very dangerous area that is crumbling and contains dragons as well as mighty tornadoes. It is advised to kill the boss after the rea of Malikah.

Once you are done with this, you will be transferred to the capital of Ashen, where you need to fight with the last boss in order to finish the game of Elden Ring.

Thus, these are the things which you should keep in mind before you look to burn the erdtree. Completing the side missions should be your top priority, yet collecting the important weapons from different locations would help you a lot as well.

This is end of this guide you can more related content such as how to get all legendary sorceries and incantations or a guide to defeating Fire Gaint Cheese and more do refer to our Elden Ring guides.

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