PlayStation Plus Essential Free Games For August 2023

Sony often rewards its players with the best games available on the PlayStation console by striking off the price. The free games change each month but the PS Store exclusive discounts on online multiplayer items and other aspects remain the same. Three games made it to the list of PlayStation Plus Essential Free Games for August 2023.

PS Plus members with the Essential, Extra, and Premium statuses can download the PlayStation Plus Essentials for free. Each of them belongs to a different genre. The following games will be available for free purchase from August 1 – September 5.

playstation plus free games august 2023
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PlayStation Plus Essential Free Games For August 2023

These are available for free by PlayStation Plus for August 2023.

  • PGA Tour 2K23 (PS5, PS4) – Role-playing, Sports, Simulation
  • Death’s Door (PS5, PS4) – Action-adventure, Fighting, Role-playing
  • Dreams (PS4) – Game creation system (GCS)
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Let’s dive into detail about each game.

PGA Tour 2K23

Developed by HB Studios, PGA Tour 2K23 is the fifth installment of the series. It features the return of Tiger Woods to the world of golf and has 25 challenging yet iconic courses. 2K23 explores the life of real-life PGA professional players with gameplay that includes brilliant swing mechanics and wind-display features, and multiple multiplayer game modes which include a leaderboard and exciting rewards.

PGA Tour 2K23 is also available on Steam for PC players. It is 75% off till August 11.

Death’s Door

Players take the role of a crow collecting souls for the Reaping Commission Headquarters until they get notified of a conspiracy against them. The action-adventure game requires you to collect three Giant Souls needed to open Death’s Door after which they find out that the boss of the RCH has imprisoned Death and we need to restore the balance in the mortal/underworld by freeing the entity.

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One of the best indie games from 2021, Death’s Door is a difficult game due to the composition of its levels. Nonetheless, it is nothing that hardcore action RPG lovers won’t be able to complete. The game features classic dungeon puzzle solving with fast-paced combat encounters and a sound design that keeps players on the edge.


Support for Dreams will be discontinued from September onwards as stated by Media Molecule. That doesn’t mean the PlayStation exclusive isn’t worth checking out though. The game creation tool has a staggering library of user-created content, similar to Roblox, and the community is expected to expand in the foreseeable future. Dreams is a game where imagination runs wild and players can get to play unique games.

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