Pokemon Go: How To Get Palossand and Sandygast Can It Be Shiny

Are you looking for a guide on getting Palossand and Sandygast in Pokemon Go? And if it can be shiny, don’t worry; this article has you covered! Keep reading, and indeed you’ll find an answer.

In Pokemon Go, Palossand and Sandygast are bizarre creatures on which trainers have their eye on the arrival of the water festival: Beach Week event in Pokemon Go.

Sandygast is a dual-type Pokemon. It is a ghost/ground Pokemon. Sandygast evolved into Palossand, which is much larger and more threatening, with a physical form that appears as if it’s been crafted out of the sand. 

Sandygast and Palossand are two of the most unique creatures in the game. This is mainly because these creatures possess one of the rarest type combinations in the game.

To evolve into a Palossand from a Sandygast in Pokemon Go, you need to collect 50 Sandygasts

Shiny Palossand and Shiny Sandygast Pokemon go
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How To Get Shiny Sandygast in Pokemon Go?

Sandygast is a new addition to the creatures in Pokemon Go. It debuted during the Water Festival: Beach Week for the Hidden Gems Season.

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There are two ways to catch a Sandygast during the Water Festival: Beach Week in Pokemon Go:

  • You must complete field research tasks during Pokemon Go Beach Week
  • Fight Sandygast when it appears in One-Star Raids

How To Catch Palossand in Pokemon Go?

You can only catch a Palossand in Pokemon Go by evolving from a Sandygast into a Palossand. You need to be on level 42 of the game to do so.

How To Evolve into Palossand from Sandygast?

After you are successful in catching a Sandygast, you can also evolve into a Palossand, which is a better version of a Sandygast. 

To evolve into a Palossand from a Sandygast in Pokemon Go, you need to collect 50 Sandygasts.

Can Sandygast and Palossand Be Shiny?

Since both these Ghost-Ground type creatures have just debuted in the game. Unfortunately, the players cannot catch a shiny Sandygast in Pokemon Go YET! But stay tuned; you can expect the debut of shiny Sandygast and Palossand in the game soon!

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