Can Cutiefly Be Shiny in Pokemon Go

Cutiefly made its way into Pokemon as part of the Spring to Spring event, alongside its evolved version Ribombee. Trainers all over have been wondering whether its shiny variant is also available and how to catch Cutiefly. Here we’ll answer all your questions.

Cutiefly is a lovely Bug and Fairy-type Pokémon that was originally discovered in the Alola region. It is a small, winged Pokémon with a pink body and large, blue eyes.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to burst your bubble of hope as Shiny Cutiefly isn’t currently available at the moment. Considering it just debuted recently, its Shiny variant will most likely be available at a later time.

How To Catch Cutiefly in Pokemon Go

Shiny Cutiefly Pokemon Go
Image via Gameinstants

There are multiple ways to obtain Cutiefly in Pokemon Go. You can obtain Cutiefly by:

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Encountering it in the wild

Cutiefly can spawn in the wild and you just might catch it. Be sure to use Incense to boost your chances of encountering it or use the Nearby feature to see if Cutiefly has spawned at a landmark near you.

Hatching 2km Eggs

Cutiefly can be hatched from 2km Eggs. You can get these Eggs by spinning Pokestops. Make sure to have room in your egg inventory.

Defeat it in 1-Star Raids

Cutiefly can also be encountered as a raid boss. These battles are typically 1-star difficulty, so you shouldn’t have much difficulty winning. Cutiefly’s weaknesses are Flying, Fire, Rock, Poison and Steel-type attacks.

How To Evolve Cutiefly Into Ribombee

Cutielfy can be evolved into Ribombee at the expense of 50 Candy. This is the only method currently to get Ribombee.

Remember to use Pinap Berries when catching Cutiefly to get more candy. You can also get more candy by setting Cutiefly as your Buddy and take a walk together as it will find candy as you walk. If those options don’t work for you, you might then want to transfer any Cutiefly in your possesion that you don’t need as it will boost your Candy.

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There you have it. That’s all you need to know about Cutiefly but we’ll keep you posted when its shiny variant is available.

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