Pokemon Go: How To Get Scatterbug, Counters and Weaknesses

Scatterbug is a Bug-type Pokemon that was first introduced in Generation VI during the X and Y season in the episode To Catch a Pokemon Smuggler! It assisted Ash and his friends to escape Dolan. The Pokedex categorises the black caterpillar-type mon in the ‘Scatterdust’ section as the user cloaks itself with black dust whenever attacked.

Scatterbug has a max CP of 556. It can be upgraded in Pokémon GO until its Attack and Defense stat reaches 63 and has a max Stamina of 116. Due to its low base stats, it is generally not used in PvP. Its moves list consists of Bug Bite, Tackle, and Struggle (charged move). Below are the base stats of a Scatterbug:-

Sp. Attack27
Sp. Defense25

However, Scatterbug becomes a challenging Pokemon once it reaches the end of its three evolution stages. Read on to find out more.

Why choose a Scatterbug in Pokemon Go?

Scatterbug has three stages of evolution. It transforms into Spewa after a player uses 25 Scatterbug Candy and next into Vivillon after using 100 Scatterbug Candy.

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Vivilon uses a string of Bug and Wind Moves to put the hurt on its opponent. Gust, Hurricane, Energy Ball, Struggle Buzz, and Aerial Ace are part of its novelist. The Pokemon can be used in the Great League from level 29 to level 39.

A max-upgraded Vivilon has the below-mentioned stats. There are no shinies as of yet.

Max CPAttackDefenseStamina

With the right moveset, Vivillon can ace Gym Battles. It’s strong against Fighting, Grass and fellow Bug-type Pokemon. A combo of Gust (16 damage in PVP) and Hurricane (110 damage) has massive damage output.

How to catch and where to find a Scatterbug in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go Scatterbug
Image via Gameinstants

A trainer living up to the motto of ‘Gotta Catch’em All’ will relish the challenge of getting a Scatterbug. The Bug-type Pokemon requires a team effort and could be a frustrating encounter if not played right. It doesn’t spawn in the wild.

The non-legendary unit debuted in Pokemon Go on December 15, 2022. Trainers can catch a Scatterbug by pinning Postcards from different locations which they receive from Pokestops, Gym, or from the gifts they get from their friends.  

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Scatterbug eventually evolve into Vivillon but their patterns will depend on where the postcard comes from as it is based on the climate. There are over 18 patterns of Vivillon in Pokémon GO but only one is needed to complete the Pokedex entry.

How To Get Scatterbug by Pinning Postcards with Friends?

An easy way of getting a Scatterbug is by sharing gifts with friends. To pin a postcard, players need to go to their friend list and click on an unopened.

A ‘pin’ prompt will show up. When a Trainer pins a postcard, they will unlock the Vivillon Collector Medal and see an explanation of how to encounter Scatterbug.

A maximum of three postcards can be pinned per day. Sub-medals can also be collected in this process. When trainers pin a specific number of postcards from a region associated with the Vivillon patterns, for example, three from India, a Scatterbug will get spawned.

To catch the Scatterbug, trainers need to look at your Vivillon medal and tap the “catch!” button that appears. The catch rate is 5%.

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Pinap Berries are recommended to double the candy caught during a successful encounter. Check the Vivillon Map from the Pokédex or the Vivillon Collector medal page to see where different Vivillon can be found.

Counters and Weaknesses of Scatterbug

Since it is a Bug-Type Pokemon, Scatterbug is prone to Flying, Rock and Fire moves. The 5 Pokémon you can use to counter Scatterbug’s (Modern) speed and resilience are:

  • Chandelure – Hex (Ghost) and Overheat (Fire)
  • Kleaver – Air Slash (Flying) and Stone Edge (Rock)
  • Tyranitar –  SmackDown (Rock) and Brutal Swing (Dark)
  • Aggron – SmackDown (Rock) and Rock Tomb (Rock)
  • Terrakion – SmackDown (Rock) and Rock Slide (Rock)

This is all for how to catch Scatterbug in Pokemon Go for more similar content do check our Pokemon Go guides section.