Can Zigzagoon Be Shiny in Pokemon? How To Catch it

Galarian Zigzagoon has become quite popular in Pokemon GO. It appeared at the August 2022 Community Day and in September 2022 as part of Inkay’s Limited Research event.

I’m sure you’re wondering if the shiny variation of Zigzagoon is available. The good news is that the gleaming Zigzagoon is now accessible, having been introduced in May 2021.

Galarian Zigzagoon’s shiny form has been accessible in the wild since then, as well as through eggs, raid battles, and field research. However, because it is a shiny Pokemon, it is difficult to locate outside of special occasions.

How to Catch Zigzagoon in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Zigzagoon
Image via Gameinstants

Currently, obtaining a Galarian Zigzagoon in Pokemon GO may be difficult. This is due to the fact that the Season of Light has just recently begun, and Galarian Zigzagoon has already been featured in two recent events.

Nevertheless, finding Galarian Zigzagoon or its shiny version in the game should not be difficult, but trainers will most likely have their job cut out for them.

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Fortunately, there is one approach that may be more efficient. If trainers are having difficulty locating Galarian Zigzagoon and its shiny version in the wild, they should consult their other trainers.

Just so you know, eggs received as gifts from friends have a 3% chance of hatching a Galarian Zigzagoon. While this is a remote possibility, hatching such eggs can be extremely beneficial when seeking a Shiny Pokemon in the wild.

Trainers should have a better chance of locating the shiny version of Galarian Zigzagoon by hunting for it in the wild and hatching eggs from friends.

The more they meet the Galarian Zigzagoon, the more likely it is that they will locate its shining version. So there you have it about Zigzagoon shiny Pokemon and how to catch it as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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