Zelda TOTK: Rock Octorok Locations

Octoroks are a well-known Legend of Zelda foe who reappeared in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. In this edition, these critters, known for their deep tunnelling and rock-spewing antics, have a new role.

Instead of merely being annoyances, they also provide a method to restore Link’s weapons and shields, which is a significant upgrade over the annoying weapon durability mechanism introduced in Breath of the Wild.

This method entails hunting down Rock Octorok adversaries, who can be difficult to spot when submerged below due to the enormous rock on their heads. When they emerge, they will aggressively throw rocks at Link until he gets extremely near.

So approach them with caution. This guide explains the most handy and accessible spots in Tears of the Kingdom where you can find the useful yet annoying Rock Octorok.

Where to find Rock Octoroks in TOTK – Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Rock Octoroks are endemic to Tears of the Kingdom’s Eldin Province. They can be found specifically surrounding Goron City, YunoboCo Headquarters, and the mouth of Eldin Volcano.

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A few Rock Octoroks can also be found at the top of the map on the routes leading from Death Mountain to the Deplian Badlands. I even found a couple near the Black Hinox, which is located down there. Here’s a list of Octorok locations and their coordinates.

  • Rock Octorok Location #1 – (2411, 2447, 0375)
  • Rock Octorok Location #2 – (2369, 3489, 0361)
  • Rock Octorok Location #3 – (2355, 3599, 0307)
  • Rock Octorok Location #4 – (2381, 3680, 0289)
  • Rock Octorok Location #5 – (2273, 3699, 0237)
  • Rock Octorok Location #6 & #7 – (2170, 3640, 0228)

How to get Weapon Buffs from Rock Octoroks in TOTK – Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

In Tears of the Kingdom, getting fresh weapon perks from Rock Octoroks is remarkably similar to having them repaired in Breath of the Wild. Simply approach a Rock Octorok and place the weapon in front of it.

When Link comes close to a Rock Octorok, it will hide underground. When Link exits, the Octorok will launch a suction attack on whatever is in its path. If a weapon is dropped nearby, the Rock Octorok will inhale it and spit it out with a new weapon bonus. All of the weapon’s durability will be restored as well.

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That’s how to find Rock Octoroks in Zelda Totk as I’ll see you in the next guide.