Mankey Spotlight Hour (September 12, 2023): Can it be shiny in Pokemon Go?

Mankey Pokemon Go

Mankey, the Pig Monkey, will feature in this week’s Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour. It is a Fighting-type Pokemon that belongs to the Kanto region. In the manga, a wild Mankey stole Ash Ketchum’s red cap and it led to a series of hilarious sequences that included the defeat of Team Rocket. Mankey Spotlight Hour will … Read more

Pokemon Go Tentacool Spotlight Hour: Shiny Odds, bonus and more

Pokemon Go Tentacool

Tuesday is here, which means yet another Spotlight Hour in Pokemon Go. Tentacool will have a boosted spawn rate for 60 minutes and there will be increased chances of capturing its shiny form. The Jellyfish is resourceful in the 2500-CP Ultra League so make sure to capitalise on the Pokemon Go Tentacool Spotlight Hour. Beginning … Read more

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours for August 2023


Spotlight Hour is a unique event in which a particular Pokemon appears more often in the wild. Pokemon Go trainers can use these 60 minutes to stock up on Candy and upgrade the ‘spotlight Pokemon’ besides capitalising on other active bonuses. In this article, we will check the Pokemon Go Spotlight Hours for August 2023. … Read more

Yungoos Spotlight Hour: Time, PvP skills, and shiny variant

Yungoos Pokemon Go

This Tuesday, Great League trainers will have a chance to get a formidable normal-type in Pokemon Go. The main goal during the Yungoos Spotlight Hour will be to evolve the mongoose-like creature into Gumshoos. Apart from that, players can capitalise on an active bonus given that they reserve their extra Pokemon. Yungoos Spotlight Hour will … Read more