How to Get Volcarona in Pokémon GO

There are plenty of Bug-type creatures in Pokémon GO, but Volcarona is very popular among the Pokemon Go community.

Volcarona is the evolved form of the bug-type Pokemon Larvesta. So to get a Volcarona, you need a Larvesta first. To get it, you must start making tracks with some eggs in Incubators. As of now, Larvesta is only obtained by hatching one.

They can be found in all egg groups but only have a 2% hatch rate, making it one of the most difficult Pokemon to get your hands on.

How To Catch Volcarona in Pokemon Go

Volcarona Pokemon GO
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If you somehow manage to hatch a Larvesta, you need to collect 400 Larvesta candies to evolve it into Volcarina. You need almost 14 of 10km eggs (considering you get the max amount of candies each time) to get 400 candies.

If you don’t want to rely entirely on luck, Larvesta can always be set as your buddy Pokémon to begin gathering candy. It is a long way but one that guarantees you will get the required candy.

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You’d assume there would be a Shiny variant of this rare Pokémon. Even though a Shiny Pokémon doesn’t provide an upper hand in combat, acquiring a Shiny skin is always enjoyable. Larvesta and Volcarona, however, don’t yet have a Shiny version. Possibly down the road? But right now it makes sense to use up your Larvesta candies to obtain Volcarona.

You won’t catch a Larvesta in any way or form in the wild. Trainers that want to finish their Pokedex fast need to rely on chance and a lot of getting around. This strategy could be annoying.

But persistent players will certainly end up with one of the best Pokémon available for competitive play. They have a relatively minimal number of vulnerabilities in addition to a vast list of excellent maneuvers.

Volcarona is extremely powerful against Bug and Steel-type Pokémon. Additionally, it also shines against an Ice and Fairy type, but it can quite literally destroy a Grass-type Pokemon, since it only takes 39% of damage from them.

Against all the others mentioned above, Volcarona takes 63% damage. However, it has a weak against Flying and Water types with both dealing 160% damage and Rock types dealing a whopping 256% extra damage.

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Volcarona is by no means an easy Pokémon to get your hands on, and a lot of people in the community consider it unfair as it is mostly dependent on luck. Players are more than willing to put in long hours and grind to catch a Pokémon, but when it is luck based, they are not happy and rightfully.

There might be the chance for Volcarana to be obtained by other methods but as of now, we’ve covered everything you need to know about getting a Volcarana in Pokémon.

For more relevant guides do check our Pokemon Go guides section. This is all for how to get Volcarona in Pokemon Go.

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