Punisher vs. Broken Butterfly: Which Gun is Better in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Much like the original game, handguns are an important part of Leon’s arsenal in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. These have a better firing rate compared to shotguns and bolt snipers.

Handgun ammo could also be found in copious amounts throughout the map. Yet, there are some damage-dealing handgun weapons in the game that are exceptions, leading to the Punisher vs. Broken Butterfly debate.

Punisher in Resident Evil 4 Remake is a Semi-Automatic Pistol that uses 9 mm handgun ammo. It is the least powerful handgun in the game. Meanwhile, Broken Butterfly is a powerful .45 Magnum revolver that sends enemies flying with a single shot.

Then why do players get confused as to which gun to choose for their limited inventory space?

There are a few reasons why the Punisher vs. Broken Butterfly debacle is a tough one to solve. Here are some of the factors to consider.

Punisher vs broken butterfly

Ammo Capacity and Availability in the Game

The Merchant takes 24,000 Pesetas to max out Punisher’s maximum ammo capacity to 24. It is worth the investment since handgun ammo is relatively easy to find in Resident Evil 4 Remake compared to that of Magnum. Broken Butterfly has max 10 bullets at level five and it takes 14,000 Pesetas for the upgrade.

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Punisher also triumphs over Broken Butterfly when it comes to matters of recoil, reload speed, and rate of fire. Leon’s hands go all the way up when he takes one shot with the Butterfly. Newbie players often struggle to take aim afterward. For those preferring easier gameplay, it is better to opt for the Punisher.

Winner: Punisher

Power and Special Perks

Broken Butterfly has the highest damage in Resident Evil 4, second only to the good ol’ Rocket Launcher, with a max upgraded gun having a Power of 27. Punisher’s max Power of 1.9 doesn’t come close. However, the debate doesn’t end here since both guns have different perks apart from their firepower.

Punisher’s perk ‘Penetration’ allows players to shoot through enemies. They can shoot upto five of them after unlocking the Exclusive Upgrade for 70,000, making it the ideal handgun for controlling waves of enemies. Due to its low Power, most of the Los Illuminados will be knocked out but it’s nothing that a few knife swipes couldn’t solve.

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Exclusive Upgrade for Broken Butterfly costs 10,000 but it increases its surreal damage by an additional 1.5X. A maxed-out Butterfly with the exclusive upgrade can inflict around 40 damage per shot. The Punisher is known for crowd control but it’s nothing that the submachine guns won’t be able to do, whereas the Broken Butterfly is a one-and-only revolver that can solo any boss fight.

Winner: Broken Butterfly

Punisher vs. Broken Butterfly: Cost and Required Inventory

By the time Broken Butterfly is available in the Merchant’s stock, players can heavily upgrade Punisher. It can be obtained from the “stranger” by trading five Spinels. Once acquired, Punisher can be purchased for 10,000 Pesetas. Players can also get Punisher for free if they shoot 10 blue medallions in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Chapter 7 introduces the Broken Butterfly. It can be bought from the Merchant before Leon undertakes the Castle missions and after he defeats Mendez. At that point, the Merchant offers a 30% discount on its original price of 42,000 PTAS, cutting it to 29,400 PTAS along with the Magnum recipe. The gun cannot be obtained via trade or is available in any barrels.

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The Punisher takes up 6 cells (2×3) in the Attache Case. The Broken Butterfly takes up 8 cells (2×4) in the Attache Case. Thus, the clear winner in this round is the former.

Winner: Punisher

Overall, Punisher is an affordable gun that’s perfect for the early game. Yet, when the going gets tough, it’s the Magnum-loaded Butterfly that comes to the rescue. Note that each individual handgun has its own unique value so make sure to choose one which best suits your gameplay and skill.