Punishing Gray Raven Tier List (2024)

Punishing Gray Raven is one of the popular RPG mobile phone games. More importantly, the characters in this game are called constructs and Uniquants and these constructs are available in multiple grades such as A, B, C and D.

The player needs to obtain these constructs from the  R & D Research in the game and for that, you require the construct research tickets. You need to spend these tickets on the gaccha banner to get the character.

Here we featured a Punishing Gray Raven Tier based on the current game meta with the help of the gaming community of PGR on Discord, Reddit and more. Without wasting your time let’s focus on the tier list.

punishing gray raven tier list

Punishing Gray Raven Latest Tier List

This PGR tier list is based on the current game meta and the construct stats such as survivability, attack, defence and support. In this tier list, there are 4 tiers S, A, and B the S tier has all overpowered constructs and the B tier has all the weakest constructs that you should avoid in your team.

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S Tier

This tier has all the overpowered characters and if you’re a new player then we recommend you choose these characters in your team to get an easy win.

  • Selena – Capriccio
  • Vera – Flare
  • Roland – Theatrical Flame
  • Pulao – Ornate Bell
  • Liv – Solaeter
  • Selena – Tempest
  • Chrome – Glory
  • Nanami – Pulse
  • Karenina – Ember
  • Liv – Luminance
  • Bianca – Veritas
  • Rosetta – Arctic
  • Lee – Entropy
  • Luna – Laurel
  • Kamui – Tenebrion
  • A2
  • 9S
  • 2B

A Tier

This tier has all the best constructs and skilled players can easily play with them. If you playing Punishing Gray Raven for a long time then you can learn how to play with these constructs in no time and win the game.

  • Sophia – Silverfang
  • No. 21 – XXI
  • Banji – Fate
  • Lucia – Plume
  • Vera – Rozen
  • Chrome – Arclight
  • Sofia – Silver Fang
  • Ayla – Brilliance
  • Lucia – Dawn
  • Lucia – Crimson Abyss
  • Bianca – Zero
  • Lee – Palefire
  • Camu – Crocotta
  • Karenina – Blast
  • Qu – Pavo
  • Wanshi – Hypnos
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B Tier

  • Lucia – Padma
  • Changyu – Qilin
  • Liv – Eclipse
  • Kamui – Bastion
  • Watanabe – Nightblade
  • Watanabe – Astral
  • Nanami – Storm
  • Liv – Lux

This is the end of the Punishing Gray Raven tier list for more helpful content do check our Tier List Guides.

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