Punishing Gray Raven Tier List November 2022

Punishing Gray Raven Tier List: The Punishing Gray Raven is a very famous and also fascinating RPG game that was developed by Kuro Game. Its latest version is called Black Desert Mobile and it was released on 5th December 2019 only for the iOS.

This Punishing Gray Raven Game is a free-to-play game but in this game, there are many more amazing items that users are able to get using their real money but it is not possible for everyone.

In this Punishing Gray Raven Game, the main task for the players is that they have to monitor a group of agents against the opponents and defeat all enemies at each level and the players have to complete the objective also.

The users are able to select any main character in this Punishing Gray Raven Game to play. Each and every characters obviously has different kinds of skills, unique powers, weapons etc which makes them good or bad, so when you are going to choose your character you have to gain knowledge about the characters which one is the best and which one is not.

There are various types of characters on the Punishing Gray Raven and you should know that each of them has unique skills that going to be very helpful for you if you want to dominate your enemies and win your fights.

Here we will show you a tier list which is basically a ranking of the characters based on their skills in the Punishing Gray Raven. If you want to gain knowledge about the abilities of the characters or wish to improve your performance in the game then just go through the article and it will definitely help you.

punishing gray raven tier list

The Tier List for Punishing Gray Raven

A Punishing Gray Raven Tiet List is basically a list of characters ranked from the S to C  which are usually based on the skills, abilities, in-game stats, an advantage over other characters in a match, weapons.

S Tier List: Punishing Gray Raven

In this S tier list for Punishing Gray Raven every characters are very powerful, skilled and able to take down their opponents very easily and they also have great combos, outstanding damage and health making abilities also.

The S Tier List

  1. Karenina Ember
  2. Nona Ouroboros
  3. Karenina Blast
  4. Bianca Veritas

A Tier List: Punishing Gray Raven

In this A tier list for Punishing Gray Raven is full of versatile characters which are able to play in various different ways and beside this they are very good at zoning out opponents, dealing good damage also.

The A Tier List

  1. Bianca Zero
  2. Watanabe Astral
  3. Liv Luminance
  4. Nanami Storm
  5. Chrome

B Tier List: Punishing Gray Raven

In this B tier list for Punishing Gray Raven enlisted characters are not as powerful and skilled as those upper tier listed characters but they still pack a punch and they are good at keeping opponents away, dealing decent damage also.

The B Tier List

  1. Lucia Crimson Abyss
  2. Liv Eclipse
  3. Kamui Tenebrion
  4. Ayla Brilliance
  5. Sophia Silverfang
  6. Liv Lux
  7. Nanami Pulse

C Tier List: Punishing Gray Raven

In this C tier list for Punishing Gray Raven is full of those kinds of characters which are only good at some aspects of the game just like they either have high damage but low defense capacity or they can’t keep enemies away very well and prefer to be closed up in order to do any real damage.

The C Tier List

  1. Lee Entropy
  2. Lee Palefire
  3. Watanabe Nightblade
  4. Lucia Dawn
  5. Lucia Lotus

The Advantages of the Tier List

This is very helpful for the players to identify with whom they are playing and the new players are also able to get the knowledge about the activities as a player.

The tier list also helps the players to show them which characters they have to unlock if they have enough in-game currency. It always gives the basic idea to the players that the character they choose or going to choose, how good or bad it is just for the remove of their stress in the game.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Does Punishing: Gray Raven a delightful game?

Gray’s Punishment Raven has joined the pantheon of rising gacha greats, some of whom are only a handful. After a difficult start, this game delivers furious action gameplay, deep customization, amazing characters, and extremely realistic designs all wrapped up in a good free-to-play format.

How much storage space is needed to punishing a gray Raven?

If the user have Android Device at Android 8.1 or higher version. RAM at least 3GB and 4GB of ROM then user can easily able to download and play Punish a Gray Raven on their android device.

Is it worthwhile to reroll in punish a gray Raven?

All S Tier heroes in the game should be rerolled because they have sophisticated and optimized skills and abilities and statistics that aid on the harder stages.

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