Investigation Report: Apex Legends Matchmaking Duration Message

Apex Legends Matchmaking Duration Message: Nowadays many apex legends players are reporting the issue of matchmaking taking too long, not being able to get into a match, game freezing, and issues in Apex Legends servers.

Apex Legends is a very successful multiplayer battle royale game and has been in hype since 2019 the year it was launched, what makes it so special is, that it is a free-to-play battle royale game that provides you with an experience even better than some triple-A titles.

It was developed by respawn entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, a well-known company. It is available for almost every gaming platform out there. Apex Legends has earned a lot of respect since 2019 but in recent days people are reporting about its servers and matchmaking time taking too long.

Matchmaking Duration Message Explained

Players have reported that the game shows them matchmaking time of more than 10000 hours which is insane, if you don’t know what matchmaking is, matchmaking matches players with similar levels of player or whatever parameters you set or the game decides.

Once enough players are matched, the match is ready and the game begins. The game cannot start without matching players with an appropriate number of players, so this matchmaking in Apex legends takes a lot of time.

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Some players have reported that the game shows their matchmaking time to be 30 mins but it takes longer than that. After so many reports at least now EA has offered an official statement on this issue, that they will try to solve the issue as soon as possible, the statement was- 

Official Statement

Hey there, thank you for reaching out to us! We can understand your concern. The good news is we are aware of this and investigating. We’ll do our best to have a resolution as soon as we can! For now, please keep an eye on @Respawn and @PlayApex for updates! Take care! -Patrick

For now, EA is at least investigating and trying to solve the issue, although an exact date has not been issued, they have said as soon as possible.

More Issues

As we already know about the issue of matchmaking duration time. But it is not the only issue, players have also reported about the teammates they get after matchmaking. Players have reported that their solo q experience is horrible in this game, what is solo q?

Solo q means you are playing alone and you will be assigned teammates of similar levels. According to player reports, they get very low-level players mostly new players, or they are matched in a game where their opponents are very skilled. And most of the time when players solo q at least one of their teammate goes AFK or leave the game, some leave during the game some before the game even starts after selecting the legend.

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On these issues, I would like you to know one thing, one of the best game dev of Apex Legends said that they don’t do matchmaking to create a perfect match. As this game is played among 60 players they prioritize matchmaki9ng quickly over quality means.

They prioritize you getting a match to play even if you get high skilled players or new players as your teammates over getting a perfect match in which your teammates and your opponents are of a similar level as you. 

Well it is a good thing for some players, who would prefer playing a game over waiting for too long for a perfect match but if only you are a skilled player as according to my own experience you get such high skilled players as your opponents, they demolish.

You as soon as the game starts and not only this with the recent issues of matchmaking taking too long, you are not even matched quickly. You get a match after an hour and you get such high skilled players as your opponent and new players who are mostly AFK as your teammates, that is why players have reported solo q experience of Apex Legends horrible.

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A Test

A Reddit user tested the matchmaking experience of Apex Legends by playing 500 solo q games. This is what he found, he won 11.4% of games 57 out of 500. In 6.6 percent of these matches, he did not receive one or both teammates around 33 games and in these 33 games.

Without a teammate, he did not win even a single match, in 23.8 percent of matches, around 120 games, one of his teammates left the match after being finished with the banner selective and he also says even when his teammate left he still got a high placement, you can read the full post on Reddit.

Well after reading all that you can know for your own what is the matchmaking experience of Apex Legends, being such a great game still its matchmaking is worse.

This is the end of this guide.

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