Where Does Elden Ring Take Place? 

Where does Elden ring take place: Elden Ring begins during a time when the precious ring called Elden Ring has been broken, with every shard in different Demigods’ possession; however, all try to beat each other to get all shards and be Marika’s successor.

You will assume the role of one of those called a Tarnish, who is charged with collecting all of the pieces of the titular Elden Ring and becoming Elden Lord to attempt to restore Greater Will over the lands once more. Let’s look at the location where this Elden Ring is taking place in this article. 

Where Does Elden Ring Take Place? 

The answer is that the actual location is “Lands Between.” It’s a kingdom ruled by sovereign Queen Marika the Eternal in another Realm altogether. Also, It does not occur in our reality because the creatures and gods of “Lands Between” do not happen in our realm.

Elden Ring takes place in a fictional, initial world called The Lands Between, but details about that universe are kept vague for players. The Elden Ring is set in a fictional land where the world used to be shattered by an unknown force, leaving only seven shards that were given to seven demigods. They were tasked with keeping peace among the people living on them. 

Where Does Elden Ring Take Place in the Lands Between, where after Elden Ring was destroyed, the pieces from it called Great Runes are now controlled by the demigod-offspring of Queen Margaika, The Everlasting. The Elden Ring World is ruled over by Queen Marika the Eternal, chosen by Greater Will, who acts as keeper and guardian of the Elden Ring and has many children.

Far before Elden Rings’ beginning, The Lands Between was overseen by the Greater Will, a being with immense power who was responsible for creating both Elden Ring and the Order of Gold-Eddtree. 

Where Does Elden Ring Take Place

Elden Ring Location 

The world of Where Does Elden Ring Take Place is called The Lands Between — an expansive realm ruled over by the demigods and blessed with Elden Ring power and Erdtree. The worlds of Elden Rings’ origins inspire more questions than answers, but we will be diving into Elden Rings lore and development to find out more about the Elden Rings location. Elden Ring, an expansive 

open-world fantasy game from developer FromSoftware, takes place in the fictional Land Between and is certainly not set in Ohio — even though a persistent meme suggests otherwise. Their first open-world title could be the Land between Life and Death, sort of like the Dreamscape of the Tarnished. 

As you journey across the Elden Ringworld, you will encounter many other Tarnished heroes, particularly at the Roundtable Hold- the haven for Tarnished who exists beyond the Land between- but you are the one that has to be the next Elden Lord.

This empty halfway house has caused The Elden Rings’ blessings to erode from the Lands Between partly, and centuries later, Tarnish is summoned by the Giant to try to end the standoff. Upon Elden Rings’ public release, a small number of unidentified users began developing pranks that connected the large, bleak landscapes of the Lands Between with another region of the real world they found to be akin, the large U.S. state of Ohio. 

The Elden Ring Lore 

To understand all the business with the Elden Ring, one must understand how the reality in the Lands Between works and how it is run by the family of Marika, who are both god-like creatures as well as being equivalents to feudal kings, queens, and overlords.

For example, Remembrance of the Dragonlord claims its possessor, Placidusax, was the Elden Lord during an age before Erdtree. In contrast, The Incantation from Elden Stars claims one of the Outsider Gods, the Greatest Will of the Outsider Gods, sowed the Lands Between with a meteor, which ultimately led to the Elden Ring and Erdtree through proxy. 

The Elden Ring lore, its purposes, and its mysteries behind it got lost to time, as it all happened too long ago. All that’s left in the reminiscence of all storytellers and bards are the important event known as the “Shattering.”

But to understand it, we have to look at all the events directed up to the Shattering. And as Queen Marika was a Goddess, all her kids with Godfrey got converted to demigods, who lived in the Lands Between. There were many in numbers, yet they ruled unlike parts of the widespread domain in peace. 

All was peaceful in the “Lands Between” until an unidentified cult of assassins, who sought to get the Elden Ring for themselves, started to attack Queen Marika’s kin in exploring the ring. The attack was so prearranged and swift that the Goddess herself couldn’t stop the demises.

But the whole thing in “Lands Between” transformed when the assassins killed her favorite son, Godwyn the Golden. Due to the history, we don’t know how, but the Elden Ring shattered with his death. This event is known as the “Shattering.” 

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Where Does Elden Ring Take Place with complete information.

What is the location of Elden Ring?

Even though an ongoing meme suggests otherwise, FromSoftware’s expansive open-world fantasy game Elden Ring is set in a fictional land called The Land Between, not Ohio.

Elden Ring takes place in what kind of world?

The Lands Between – a world ruled by demigods and blessed by the Elden Ring’s power and the Erdtree’s blessing – are the realms in which the world lives.

Where is the Elden Ring meme located?

Google’s response to a simple question about the location of the new Lovecraftian video game revealed a surprising answer: Ohio.

Are Elden Ring and Dark Souls set in the same world?

From Software, as a game developer, their game style is the only thing that links the two together. Game director Hidetaka Miyazaki leads both franchises; however, until he speaks, these are two entirely different worlds.

Does Elden Ring appear in Dark Souls 4?

Despite the apparent similarities between the games, Elden Ring is not a prequel, sequel, or series spinoff from the Dark Souls franchise.

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