Risk of Rain 2 Character Unlocks List (September 2022)

For unlocking some Risk of Rain characters, we’ve created this complete character unlock guide for Risk of Rain 2 so that each of you can have fun with all eight characters (I think 7 for non-PC).

If you are wondering how to unlock such characters permanently, you have come to the right article.

From mercenary to commando, from hunter to engineer, each character has a set of attacks, abilities, stats, viable builds, and strategies, which we cover in our Risk of Rain 2 character guide.

Risk of Rain 2: Overview

Risk of Rain 2 keeps players on a survival journey on another planet called Petrichor V planet. Players have the option to for playing solo or with teammates. It all comes down to personal preference, but the game needs to be played with teammates.

It increases the chances of having various survivors in a single environment, where players work together for the exact cause: beating monsters to death and escaping the planet.

In this Risk of Rain 2 character unlock guide, we have described how to unlock characters and play with all the survivors, enabling you to see the game from a different angle.

The Risk of Rain 2 has eleven playable survivors. The game features a different hidden character, which is not accessible from the character screen. Still, it can be made playable after completing some of the specific requirements while doing a run.

Anyways, the surprises the game throws at players are much more overwhelming. In this Risk of Rain 2 character unlock guide, we have mentioned a list of the survivors, mentioning essential requirements that you may need to grasp how to unlock and have mastery of each of the characters.

How to Unlock All Characters?

Rain Hazard 2 characters unlocking Slayer – Slayer will be unlocked once you beat the first three levels of Rain Hazard 2, but remember not to die. Risk of rain is two characters that unlock the Mercenary.

Risk of Rain 2 Character
risk of rain 2 character unlocks

You must complete seven levels to reach the Obelisk, the sky portal where you will find the Obelisk at the end of the path.

This will complete The Break challenge and unlock the Mercenary, the last playable character in the current Risk of Rain 2 build. Completing 30 areas in Risk of Rain 2 unlocks the Engineer character and the Engineering Excellence achievement.

After completing the first level area five times, you will be able to unlock the MUL-T character and the “Verified” achievement in Risk of Rain 2.

You cannot enjoy them without sweating a little; instead, you need to unlock all Risk of Rain 2 characters by completing various tasks.

You start with commandos and huntresses, but the rest of the characters are unlocked through challenges, from completing certain stages to destroying your character.

Combined with each character’s unique abilities, there are nearly endless playstyles to explore. Everything must be unlocked by completing specific missions or objectives, from powerful items and gear to new characters with unique abilities and playstyles, some of which are far from easy to obtain.

List of All Characters & Unlocking Requirements:

Commando Unlock Requirement:

Unlocked by default 

Huntress Unlock Requirement:

Unlocked by default 

Bandit Unlock Requirement:

Warrior (Complete three stages without dying) 

MUL-T Unlock Requirement:

Verified (Beat the first stage five times) 

Engineer Unlock Requirement:

Engineering Perfection (Complete 30 stages) 

Artificer Unlock Requirement:

Pause (Purchase Artificer from the Bazaar merchant) 

Mercenary Unlock Requirement:

True Respite (Obliterate yourself at an Obelisk) 

Rex Unlock Requirement:

Power Plant (Find and power Rex with a Fuel Array in the Abyssal Depths stage) 

Loader Unlock Requirement:

Guidance Offline (Defeat the Alloy Worship Unit in the Siren’s Call stage) 

Acrid Unlock Requirement: …To Be Left Alone (Clear the Void Fields stage) 

Void Fiend Unlock Requirement:

Dragged Below (Escape the Planetarium or complete wave 50 in Simulacrum) 

Rail Gunner Unlock Requirement:

Unlocked by default after purchasing the Survivors of the Void DLC Captain Unlock Requirement: Washed Away (Beat the game) 

The Heretic

Unlock Requirement: Equip the following items: – Visions of Heresy – Hooks of Heresy – Essence of Heresy – Strides of Heresy If this is the case, you may have run into difficulties and intricacies of unlocking premium characters such as the Assassin and the Engineer.

For example, some players claimed that the engineer was not unlocked after completing 30 levels, some of which could have been completed in co-op. While it may take a while to play, unlocking an Engineer is relatively easy as the only Requirement is clearing 30 areas.

If any of the unlockable characters are buggy or not tracked properly in Risk of Rain 2, with any luck, developer Hopoo Games will get an update soon with a fix.

Our Risk of Rain 2 challenge guide makes sure you’re 100% done with Risk of Rain 2 by showing you everything behind this plethora of achievements and how to unlock everything Risk of Rain 2 offers.

You can trigger the first teleport event 30 times to unlock it, complete ten races in three stages, or something similar.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Risk of Rain 2 Character Unlocks with complete information.

How do you unlock characters in Risk of Rain 2 for free?

It necessitates defeating the planet’s last boss, Mythrix, then fleeing. Make certain you have a plethora of useful movement accessories. And they’re having fun with the rain.

How do you unlock new characters in Risk of Rain 2?

You may unlock the character as well as the ‘Verified’ achievement by playing the first teleporter quest five times. If you’re looking for a way to complete the game completely, take a look at our Risk of Rain 2 accomplishments to see how to obtain them all.

Can you unlock characters in drizzle Risk of Rain 2?

On Drizzle, you can accomplish all challenges and unlock all characters. Monster logs are the one thing you can’t get.

How do you unlock the Samurai in Risk of Rain 2?

You’ll need to complete seven stages in one run and pass through a special Celestial Portal to unlock him. The Celestial Portal, like the blue portal that leads to the item shop, can be utilized instead of the teleporter. You’ll be transported away to a Celestial Realm with a short jumping puzzle within if you utilize it.

How do you unlock the sword in Risk of Rain 2?

To reach the Obelisk, you must complete seven levels. When you complete the seventh step, a Celestial Portal will open. Make your way to the Obelisk at the end of a floating passageway within and opt to “Obliterate” yourself when prompted. This will end your run and give you access to the Mercenary.

This is the end of this short guide.

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