Rune Factory 3 Guide To Play

Take your time. Exploring in Rune Factory 3 is not a rush; it’s an adventure. Enjoy the scenery, talk to the characters, and soak in the atmosphere. You might discover hidden secrets and surprises along the way.

Pay attention to your stamina. While exploring, keep an eye on your stamina bar. Running out of stamina will make you tired and weaken your abilities. Carry some food or stamina-restoring items with you to stay energized during your adventures.

Use your farm wisely. Your farm can be a great resource while exploring. You can grow medicinal herbs, crops, or even tame monsters that accompany you on your journeys. Don’t forget to check back at your farm periodically to see if anything has grown or changed.

Complete quests. Many of the residents in Sharance and the surrounding areas will offer you quests. These quests often have unique rewards, such as items, money, or even new areas to explore. Completing quests is an excellent way to enhance your experience and progress in the game.

Rune Factory 3 Guide and Tips
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Relationships and Social Activities

Building relationships with the residents of Sharance is a significant aspect of Rune Factory 3. You can befriend the townspeople, and even romance and eventually marry one of them. Here’s how you can nurture your social life in the game:

  1. Building Friendships: Talk to the townspeople regularly and give them gifts. Pay attention to their likes and dislikes, as giving them their favorite items will increase your friendship faster.
  2. Courting and Marriage: To court someone, increase your friendship with them and trigger heart events. Once their heart level reaches a certain point, you can propose and get married.
  3. Starting a Family: After marriage, you can have children and even go on family adventures together. Raising a family is a rewarding experience in Rune Factory 3.
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Monster Companions

One of the unique features of Rune Factory 3 is the ability to raise and befriend monsters. These creatures can become valuable companions and allies in your farming and combat endeavors. Here’s how you can make the most of your monster companions:

  1. Raising Monsters: You can find monster eggs and hatch them on your farm. As they grow, you can assign them tasks like watering crops, guarding the farm, or even participating in battles.
  2. Monster Abilities: Different monsters have unique abilities and specialties. Some are excellent at farming tasks, while others are formidable fighters. Experiment with various monsters to see which ones suit your needs best.
  3. Monster Care and Feeding: Like any creature, monsters need care and attention. Pet them, feed them, and ensure they are happy to get the best results from them. Building strong relationships with your monsters is key to their effectiveness.

Combat and Adventure

Rune Factory 3 features an engaging combat system with a variety of weapons and spells at your disposal. As you explore dungeons and face off against monsters, here are some tips to help you become a skilled adventurer:

  1. Weaponry and Skills: Experiment with different weapons, from swords and axes to staves and bows. Each weapon type has its unique moves and advantages. Practice your skills to become a proficient fighter.
  2. Monster Battles: Your monsters can join you in battle. Use their abilities strategically to gain an upper hand against tough foes. Building strong relationships with your monster companions will make them even more formidable.
  3. Boss Fights: Dungeons often culminate in epic boss battles. These encounters can be challenging, so come prepared with healing items, powerful weapons, and a strategy to defeat these formidable foes.
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Earning Wealth

In Rune Factory 3, earning money is essential for upgrading your equipment, buying items, and expanding your farm. Here are some strategies to help you accumulate wealth:

  1. Money-Making Strategies: Explore different ways to make money, such as farming, mining, fishing, or crafting valuable items. Diversifying your income sources can be lucrative.
  2. Trading and Crafting: Consider trading with other characters in the game. Some items may fetch higher prices in specific seasons or locations. Additionally, crafting valuable items from collected resources can be a profitable endeavor.
  3. Invest Wisely: Be mindful of your spending and invest your money wisely. Upgrading your tools, weapons, and farm equipment can increase your efficiency and, in turn, your income.
  4. Complete Quests: Many characters in Rune Factory 3 offer quests with monetary rewards. Completing these quests not only provides extra income but also enhances your relationships with the townspeople.
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In-Game Calendar and Events

Rune Factory 3 follows a calendar system with different seasons, festivals, and events. Pay attention to the calendar to make the most of these opportunities:

  1. Festivals: Participate in festivals to earn rewards, build friendships, and enjoy seasonal celebrations. Festivals can also be a great way to deepen your relationships with the townspeople.
  2. Seasonal Changes: Each season brings different crops to plant and different activities to enjoy. Plan your farming and exploration activities accordingly to maximize your efficiency.
  3. Special Events: Keep an eye out for special events triggered by your actions and relationships. These events can lead to unique story developments and rewards.


Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon offers a rich and immersive gaming experience filled with farming, combat, exploration, and social interactions. As you delve deeper into the world of Sharance, remember to enjoy the journey, build meaningful relationships, and savor the thrill of discovery.

With the knowledge and tips provided in this guide, you are well-equipped to embark on your adventure and make the most of your time in this charming and captivating game. Sharance awaits, so let the farming and adventure begin!

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