Orehas Well Mokoko Seeds Locations in Lost Ark

Among all the collectibles and secrets, the mokoko seed is the great one as per the users or you of the lost ark.

The collectibles are hidden form and spread all over the area of the lost ark. When you reach Orehas Well in Lost Ark you need to collect all the Mokoko seeds there to complete the questline.

Here we have mentioned all the locations of the Orehas Well Mokoko Seeds with complete information.

Orehas Well Mokoko Seeds
Orehas Well Mokoko Seeds

Mokoko Seeds in the Secret Forest In Lost Ark

This secret forest in the lost ark is located or you may say this secret forest of the lost ark is situated at the area of the Punika area in the lost ark.

If you may be able to reach the Punika area to the secret forest, then there in this secret forest you or the gamers will be able to find many secrets or many collectibles.

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You may get an idea that what they will find in this secret forest in the area of the Punika by reading the below points or states.

The collectibles or the secrets which can be found in the secret forest of the lost ark are:

  • The 1 secret passage
  • The 1 hidden story
  • The 1 cooking ingredient which will help the you for the “adventure book”
  • The 2 named monsters
  • The 2 points of the interest
  • And the last one is the 11 mokoko seeds

So have stated all the collectibles and the secrets that may find in the secret forest which is situated in the area of the Punika. Now there is some additional information relating to the mokoko seeds is given.

Additional information and Tips To Find Mokoko Seeds

If you are wanted to get the mokoko seeds then they need the Punika Resin which will they get at the side of the Tripoter in the lost ark.

At this point, you will be able to find the mokoko seed. If they want to get the mokoko seed then they need the song which is named Harmony. There are also two mokoko seeds presented on the southwest side. This part is hidden in the lost ark map.

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So if you may want to get the mokoko seeds they have to reach the southwest side and have to sing the song which is named Harmony. After going through the passage the players will be able to find some cooking ingredients.

The cooking ingredients are like meat worms. These meat worms you may find in the middle of the map of the lost ark.

Mokoko Seeds at the Orehas Well in the Lost Ark

To get the mokoko seeds at the Orehas well you may have to reach the secret forest in the Punika area. Then there you will find a well which is named the Orehas well. If you is able to reach the orehas well then they have to enter the oreahas well.

After entering the oreahas well you will find a bridge there then they have to climb down to the bridge. Then after climbing down they find a waterfall which is presented there to access the secret area. There you will be able to find the first mokoko seed.

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After this, they have to come across the waterfall and have to climb the bridge. The bridge will be broken. So they have to jump on the platform which will be there near the broken bridge.

Then have to jump to the left of that platform. After that, you will find a narrow path. In this narrow path, you will find the second, third and fourth mokoko seeds.

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