Rune Factory 3 How To Upgrade Tools

Farm tools are classified into six types: hoe, waterpot, axe, hammer, pole, and sickle. Tools can be upgraded in the forge, which you must get from Gaius or Raven later in the game.

The brush and clippers cannot be improved, but they may be purchased from the blacksmith. Because the blacksmith only sells the two lowest-level agricultural implements of each type, you must either upgrade them at home or get fortunate by selecting “Special Deals” in the Blacksmith.

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Hoes are the most important farming tool, used to till the soil and cure it with Withered Grass by tilling it on the soil. Hoes aren’t very quick to swing, but they have a good probability of knocking out opponents. This instrument is particularly beneficial for pulling out Bamboo Shoots since it does not cut it a second time like the Sickle does.


Waterpots are necessary equipment for watering crops. It provides M-ATK instead of ATK. It is quick to employ for assaulting but does not deal much harm. It may be filled with water from ponds, rivers, and lakes, as well as Water Magic Seed. Furthermore, it is extremely beneficial to your Water Skill.

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Sickles are not ideal fighting gear, but they do have a good striking radius. When using it, you must rush ahead and slash very quickly; it is quite deadly if you mistakenly cut your own crops. Sickles, unlike other sharp-bladed weapons, are more easier to use to chop weeds and crops. After executing Wells’ request, “Deliver message,” the Rusty Sickle is gained.


Axes serve the same role as hammers in that they do not do knock-backs or knock-outs but have far more assault strength. The majority of axes can give staggers, but only with a 26% change ratio. Wood may be chopped with any axe (including the battleaxe). Workaxes, unlike battleaxes, do not need to be swung.


All hammers are excellent in knock-outs and knock-backs, with odds of 50% or higher. However, he is significantly weaker at staggering. Despite the fact that the damage is smaller than that of axes. All hammers can strike rock and ore, and unlike battlehammers, workhammers do not need to be swung.

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Fishing Pole

Attacks can also be carried out with fishing rods. The range is slightly greater than that of staves, and the attacks are likewise quicker. If it lands in any body of water, the fishing pole will be kept busy. Upgraded fishing poles are considerably better to use for fishing since they can assist Micah reel in the fish for 13% longer. The only necessary instrument for fishing is a fishing pole.

That’s how to upgrade tools in Rune Factory 3 as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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