Rune Factory 3 How to Unite the Villages

Rune Factory 3 Special’s plot requires you to join the settlements of Sharance and Univir Settlement. This is intended to bring an end to a long-running struggle between humans and monsters, and only you have the power to make it happen. However, there are a few procedures you must follow in order for this relationship to become a reality.

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How Do You Begin to Unite the Villages in Rune Factory 3?

how to unite villagers in rune factory 3
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Micah must first regain his memory before he can unify the communities. This can only be accomplished by completing each of the game’s four dungeons and defeating their respective bosses: Tanuking in Privera Forest, Ancient Bone in Sol Terrano Desert, Hinoe and Kinoto in Oddward Valley, and Death Wall in Vale River.

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After this, return home and chat with Wells about the Sharance Tree. He won’t know everything, so go to the Univir Settlement and speak with Ondorus. This is where the concept of the Amity Fair comes into play.

Ondorus will chat with Kuruna, so go speak with Wells and convey the proposal to the entire village. Go chat with Kuruna and Ondorus after the scene. Kuruna isn’t sold on the concept, so you’ll have to do something to persuade her otherwise.

After being rejected by Kuruna, return home and Shara will pay you a visit, giving you a bouquet.

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How Do You Set the Date for the Amity Fair in Rune Factory 3?

All you need to do now is take the Bouquet to Kuruna in the Univir Settlement. She will now consent to the Amity Fair. Speak with Wells, and he’ll schedule a date for it. Now all you have to do is wait for the date.

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During the Amity Fair, the final element in uniting the communities is just escorting Kuruna about. Introduce her to each villager. The following day, go outdoors to see the tree’s leaves before returning inside to chat with Wells and Marjorie.

That’s how to unite the village in Rune Factory 3 as I’ll see you in the next guide.

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